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Underwater Camera Equipment

What you do immediately after exiting the water can be crucial to the welfare and upkeep of your underwater camera gear and housing equipment. There is no specific order or process to follow when you come out of the water after an underwater photography shoot, however there are several things to do that should take priority.

Underwater Camera Equipment Aftercare

cleaning underwater housing

Soak the underwater case after each salt water dive for at least a few minutes in fresh water. If you have allowed salt water to dry on the case, add a few minutes of soaking time. While it is still in your fresh water press and use all the buttons and controls to work out all the salt that may have made its way into any of the cracks around the buttons. Then proceed to immediately towel dry your case.

Remember to not leave your underwater camera gear in the rinse tank unattended. While it most likely won’t happen, it is always possible for flooding to occur. By keeping watch over your camera you will be able to save your camera from the rinse tank water before it gets ruined.

If you also have had your wide angle dome port on, have it understood by whomever you are handing your camera to that they put on the dome port cover immediately, so that you don’t have to deal with any scratches.

Also, after every dive you should clean and re-lube the o-rings and grooves of your underwater housing. Remember that the care you give your camera and protective equipment lengthens the lifetime and increases your effectiveness. If you take the time immediately after leaving the water, you are saved the time and hassle involved with cleaning it all later. Regular, methodical maintenance is worth the time now in order to save you time later.

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