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How to Take Pictures of Pregnant Women

Expectant Mother Photography

The natural beauty that shows when a woman is expecting is such a wonderful thing, but how you capture it may not be. So how do you catch that beauty without making a woman seem fat, or showing more skin then she wants? Pregnancy is a time when most women do not feel as beautiful as they are. So what better way to make a woman feel beautiful than by capturing it in a photograph.

Capturing that Glow

Photographying Pregnant Women


I think the first thing a woman needs to know is that you respect her. Make sure you are careful how you talk about her belly and look for opportunities to compliment her.


Make her feel comfortable. Pregnancy is not always, if ever, very comfortable.  Make sure you have a good solid chair for her to sit down so she doesn’t become overly tired.  Pillows are also good to have around so that when they sit they still have whatever back support is needed. This is a special time for her and her husband as they prepare to bring a child into this world. Talk about the future baby and their plans for it. Capture the looks in her eyes and the love they have for the baby on the way.



Look for ways to flatter the body. Just like when photographing anyone else, shoot from eye level or above. Try some full body shots. Try some close up shots. One pose that is flattering for most pregnant women is to have them standing turned sideways with their back leg forward just a bit. This allows the curve of the belly and the natural curves of the woman to be shown off. Get poses with the husband and don’t be afraid to let him be the focal point with the woman in the background.

Capture pictures of the mom looking at her belly and then the dad looking at the belly. Bring kids or dogs into the picture as well and get pictures of the family or the kids interacting with the belly. One arm on top and the other on the bottom is a good pose as it accentuates the belly. Get pictures of hands on the belly, just the mom’s, just the dad’s, and all family members.  You can even have the parents hands from a heart on mom’s belly.

Have Fun

Use props, different locations, and just let your subjects have fun. Props such as a pink or blue ribbon tied around the belly, blocks spelling the babies name, or little shoes sitting on the belly are fun. Try places that the family will enjoy such as out in nature or fun places to relax. Sometimes it is fun to do pictures of the Mom’s belly as it grows, look for creative ways to do this. Help your subject have fun, learn their story, capture their smiles.

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