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How to Take Pictures of Babies

Baby Photography

All photographers are not cut out to shoot newborns.  Taking pictures of babies takes a lot of shots, a long time, and even more patience to get that perfect baby shot. Babies aren’t like most people we take pictures of, we can’t tell them how to pose or what we want them to do and have to be careful to not upset them.


Make sure the room and props are warm. It is easiest to move the baby and position them if they are asleep and comfortable. Make sure the baby has recently been fed and their diaper has been changed. If photographing a naked baby make sure they have recently been changed but know you might end up cleaning up after them. But it’s worth it for that perfect, precious picture. If it’s an older baby make sure there is nothing for them to choke on, baby proof your studio and have toys handy to help keep them happy.


Natural window light is best for photographing babies, it makes the soft pink tones of a baby look the best. If using studio light make sure it’s not too bright or going to make the baby uncomfortable. Flash with babies is a controversial subject as some think it will affect a babies eye sight, so use at your own discretion. If using a flash make sure it is not going to flash right in the babies’ eyes or scare them.


Simple is best when it comes to babies. Try putting them in or on things, or different textures around them. Use fun head bands, bows or little hats for fun props. Be creative and don’t take away from the natural beauty of the baby. A simple, clean background is best.


Look for new angles, zoom in and get pictures of their hands, feet, ears or nose. Lay the baby on their belly, side, back, or prop them against something to be in a lounging position. Get them interacting with family or friends and don’t be afraid to get those people in the shots as well.

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