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How to Enhance a Photo: Creating Spectacular Images With PhotoWorks

Traditionally, if you wanted to edit a photograph to enhance the picture quality, you would either need to possess an education in photo retouching, have a certification from taking a photography course, or know how to work complicated photography programs like Adobe Photoshop.

Nowadays, education is no longer required to create stunning photographs as intelligent photo editing software allows you to digitally enhance photo quality with a nothing but a few buttons and sliders.

PhotoWorks is an easy-to-learn intelligent photo editor that is beginner-friendly and comes packed with features suitable for even the professionals. It’s catch point? You can automate your photo editing process completely and learn how to enhance a photo in just a few minutes. In this article, we will take a look at PhotoWorks features and how you can rapidly improve and edit your photographs through a step-by-step process.

Rapidly Improve & Edit Photographs in Step-by-Step Format

When you first open up PhotoWorks, it tells you straight away that you can either open a photo to get started or you can drag a photo from your Windows File Explorer. You can also see recent photographs or view the online tutorial which will help teach you how to enhance an image. After you have opened a photo, choose either the enhancement, tools, retouch, effects, or caption menu from the top of the editor.

1. Enhancement. With the Enhancement tab, you can choose a treatment of color or black and white. Once you’ve selected which option you want, you can auto correct the saturation, vibrance, clarity, temperature, tint, tone, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks by simply clicking the autocorrect button. You may also manually adjust these, change up the color hue, saturation and luminance, and even manually change up the sharpness of the image. All changes are made with sliders, which makes editing a breeze to do.

2. Tools. Under the Tools tab, you can crop the photo, rotate it, change up the background by either removing it or replacing it, and even use more advanced tools like tone mapping, noise reduction, and curves. With each tool, simply click on the button, choose which selection you want by moving the sliders around, and hit apply.

3. Retouch. With the Retouch section, you can remove red eye, remove unwanted parts of images, fix small blemishes, accentuate certain objects, enhance parts of the image, and automatically improve faces. For example, with the clone stamp, you simply click the button, drag the cursor over which object you want to remove and hit apply.

4. Effects. The Effects section is as easy as choosing which effect you want from the list and hitting apply. There are popular, vintage, quick enhancements, toning effects, lighting effects, photographic films, and movie effects. Some amazing ones include space under toning effects, 70’s photo under vintage effects, and The Matrix under the movie effects.

5. Caption. If you want to add a caption to your photo, simply click on Add Text, move the box to where you want it on the photo and type your text out in the text box. You can select from numerous text styles or create your own with the custom settings.

Jumping Into The Amazing Features of PhotoWorks

In this section, we are going to take a look at the plethora of features that PhotoWorks offers.

a) An Easy to Understand Interface. Simply load your image in, choose one of the five tabs on the top, and use the right-hand menu to choose what type of editing you want. There are no tiered menus or hidden buttons.

b) The Ability to Automate Your Photo Editing Process. Instead of finicking with the brush or tools, you simply click a button and watch the photo get processed or you move the sliders around to adjust as you see fit and apply the changes.

c) Enhance Photographs via the AI Intelligence Module – Portrait Magic. The portrait magic mode will automatically improve any faces in your photographs. There are several presets to choose from. If you still want to do a few tweaks, you can adjust everything manually. Long story short, you don’t need to think about how to enhance a photo – just make a click.

d) Choose to Change Up Your Photograph’s Background. Don’t like the background Eliminate it all together with a simple brush stroke or replace it with another.

e) Comes With 150+ Photo Effects for Limitless Creativity. Want your image to look like a certain movie or look like it was taken with a specific camera type? You’ve got it.

f) Correct Distortions and Disjointed Perspective. The geometry tool allows you to fix distortion, change the rotation of the image, and even constrain crop.

g) Remove Unwanted Objects From Images. Literally highlight the object you don’t want with the clone stamp tool and watch it disappear.

h) Pop Your Colors & Make Your Photograph Truly Unique. Both in the enhancement section and in the tolls section, you can adjust your colors. You can change their hue, increase or decrease their saturation and even change up how much they are illuminated in the photo. How is it done? Sliders.

i) Go Above and Beyond With Professional Tools Like Curves & Tone Mapping. The curves tool is a ton of fun! Simply choose RGB, Red, Green, or Blue and then use your mouse to move the lines on the available grid. This allows you to fine-tune where the colors pop in the image. Tone mapping allows you to stylize with colors.

Wrapping It Up: Try PhotoWorks and Enhance Photos Right Now

While you may be tempted to jump headfirst into Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paintshop Pro, just simply because these are brand named photography editors on the market, you will be met with a steep learning curve and more features than you know what to do with. Unlike these programs, PhotoWorks makes learning how to enhance a picture simple and automatic while being beginner-friendly.

Now you can buy this software with 50% discount using a special coupon. With its innovative click and slider editor, you can take underexposed photographs, blurry, or dark photographs, and make them shine with just a few clicks. Any learning curve? No, you’ll be enhancing images almost immediately!

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