(Last Updated On: April 21, 2019)


LomographyLomography Photography, a genre pushed by the manufacturer of the Holga camera, Lomo, emphasizes the camera’s ability to take photographs on the fly much like Kodak does. In fact, you don’t have to have a camera made by Lomo, such as the Holga, in order to create Lomography. Lomography is more the idea that you can create meaningful images on the fly in your day to day routine.

Lomography Photography Groups

To prove this, there’s been an iPhone Lomography group created on Flickr that creates beautiful, ordinary images like the one to your left. Iphone Lomography is a terrific example of progressing Lomography because, just as the genre would embrace the defects of the Holga Camera, Iphone lomographers know that camera’ on phones also have defects and they embrace those defects, at times with the assistance of an app. Yeah, there’s an app for adding camera defects!

Holga Cameras

Holga Camera The Holga Camera is a medium format camera. Yes, that means if you are going to use the Holga camera you’ll have to engage in Film Photography. The question was posed to Lomography.com if they would be making digital cameras in the near future. Lomography.com responded that Lomography does not plan on producing any digital cameras in the near future…Film isn’t dead…So spread the analog goodness. Continuing to produce medium format cameras makes sense as Film still has many advantages over digital photography.


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