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Interview with Gulnara Samoilova | GBPW Episode 64

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Unfortunately, we underestimate our work. We sell it too cheap. Or we give it for free. Or we give it for exposure.

Gulnara Samoilova

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In this episode, I talk to award-winning street photographer Gulnara Samoilova. Gulnara risked her life photographing the September 11th attacks in 2001 and received numerous awards for the photographs she took on that day.

Her ability to photograph people both candidly and authentically has made her a powerful source of inspiration in the street photography genre and beyond.

Gulnara and I talk about:

  • The struggles and joys of being a street photographer
  • The scrutiny she faced as a female street photographer and how she overcame self-doubt
  • Her artist residency in the United States, which is meant to empower and support female street photographers from all walks of life

& much more!

Gulnara is a force to be reckoned with. She’s persistent, creative, and caring. I’m amazed by her story and hope that you find a lot of inspiration in her perspective on life.

Check out Gulnara’s work:
Personal Instagram
Women Street Photographers
Women Street Photographers Instagram

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Taya Iv is a portrait photographer, 500px ambassador, and host of Great Big Photography World podcast.
Taya Iv is a portrait photographer, 500px ambassador, and host of Great Big Photography World podcast.

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