(Last Updated On: December 20, 2019)

Photoshop CS6

So I originally started using Photoshop Elements probably 10 years ago and through the years have become the most familiar with CS4 but I have used CS5 a little as well. I started using CS6 last year and really like how much it has improved. Adobe has added a few new features that I really like. So it’s time to Get Familiar with Photoshop CS6
Using Content Aware Fill
Starting with CS5 “content aware fill” was added which has been awesome when it comes to getting rid of an unwanted object in a picture. Content aware uses surrounding pixels to replace other pixels, for example if you wanted to extend the background rather than using a clone stamp, content aware fill would fill it for you.  CS6 has a patch fill where it uses the content aware fill technology to fill in a space that you want patched.

Content Aware Move
Another new tool CS6 has is a content aware move tool where it will let you select an image and move it and it uses the surrounding pixels to fill in where you moved the image from. The content aware move tool is found in the tool bar with the healing brush tool(band-aid picture).

Another nice thing about CS6 is that the crop tool works more like Lightroom’s crop tool, it no longer deletes the pixels you crop, merely hides them. It also make it easy to move your crop selection exactly to where you want it.

CS6 also has better auto corrections and skin tone-aware selections and masking for fixing blemishes that just don’t belong.

Some other things I still need to explore that Adobe says the new CS6 can do or has that CS5 and the older software don’t have are: Adaptive Wide Angle, Intuitive video creation, Reengieered design tools, Layer search, Blur Gallery, Erodible brushes, Enhanced airbrush tips, Oil Painting filter, Scripted Patterns, Local corrections and Shadows and Highlights controls in the Adobe Camera Raw 7 plugin, Lighting Effects Gallery with 64-bit support, Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine, Preset migration and sharing, Background Save, Auto-recovery and the list continues on.
Photoshop CS6
CS6 is great and I would definitely recommend it for all your photo editing needs, as well as our guide to help you with Photoshop.


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