Interview with Geert Weggen | GBPW Episode 66

The way that I live is very cheap, so I don’t need much money. But my goal is to not be dependent on photography.

Geert Weggen

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In this episode, I talk to squirrel photographer Geert Weggen. One day, Geert decided to sell all of his things, say goodbye to his loved ones, and move to a different country on a sailboat. He bought a house in an isolated place in Sweden and started taking photographs of wild animals. Eventually, this led to an incredible career in squirrel photography.

Geert and I talk about:

  • His squirrel photography techniques
  • What inspired him to start focusing on squirrel photography specifically
  • Why it was important for him to get away from everything and start over in life

& much more!

Geert has a unique life story that is guaranteed to make you think differently about your own life. I’m amazed by his incredible skills and hope that you take the time to look at his beautiful portfolio.

Check out Geert’s work:


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