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Furbo Dog Camera (and Treat Tosser)

We’re constantly on the lookout for new and interesting photography gear and gadgets. We normally write about the latest DSLR cameras, accessories, and tripods. We’re all in the holiday spirit so we though we’d have a little fun and share a really cool camera for dogs. We recently heard about the Furbo Dog Camera after it was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and we just had to share this really cool doggie camera with everyone. Ellen recruited country music star Luke Bryan to hand out gifts on Day 15 of her 12 Days of Ellen Giveaways and Furbo was on her list.

It’s basically a smart camera and treat dispenser all-in-one. Furbo is a game-changer for Dog Parents that have to leave their animals alone for long hours while they work or travel. Furbo got started with funding from Indigogo (a popular international crowdfunding website).

Furbo Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera is located towards the top of the unit and broadcasts a live streaming video so pet parents can see their dogs remotely, talk to their fur babies using 2-way chat, and toss treats. Furbo features a sharp 1080p Full HD camera with 4x zoom and 160° wide-angle lens. The camera also has infrared night vision. Uses says the camera quality is clear making it easy to see their Fur Babies while they’re away. The 160° wide-angle fisheye lens can cover most room if the camera is put in a corner and allows users to see an entire room at once.

Furbo iOS/Android App

Forbo Dog Camera smartphone app

The Forbo Dog Camera uses a free ISO/Andriod App to watch your dog, toss a treat, and talk to your dog using 2-way chat. All Dog Parents have to do is pick up their phone and check on their dogs at any point during the day. If your dog is barking, Forbo will sent a notification and you can calm your dog by talking on the microphone or giving him a treat. Dog Parents love it because they can be away from home and feel less guilty about leaving their dogs alone all day.

Push Notifications

Forbo offer a number of push alerts that will notify dog moms and dads of certain activities.

Dog Activity Alert – Furbo will send an alert when it identifies certain types of dog-related activities, like your dog jumping on furniture, running in the house, or just playing around.

Person Alert – Furbo will let you know when a human enters your home (provided they are within camera range). This is help if you scheduled someone to walk your dog or if an intruder enters your home. One user even caught her children skipping school!

Dog Selfie Alert – Taking photos of dogs is not easy. Furbo has a cool sensor that detects when your dog is facing the camera and takes a picture. You end up with some pretty cool selfies of your dog. 

Barking Alert – Most dog’s bark. It’s home they communicate and it can be a way of warning you. Furbo detects barking and sends push notifications to your iPhone or Android. When you receive a barking alert, you can always check on you dog and possibly calm them down using 2-way chat. The baking alert sensor filters out normal noises and is adjustable for sensitivity.

Amazon Alexa – Furbo’s AI-powered dog recognition technology learns about your dog’s  behaviors and patterns so it can notify you of important events about your dog.

Night Vision – The livestream video camera monitors your pet using a 160º wide-angle lens that works both day and night.

The Furbo Dog Camera is available from Amazon and is a must-have for Dog Parents and is available on Amazon. Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Works with Amazon Alexa (As Seen On Ellen)

View Furbo Dog Camera

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