Fun with Flashes
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Flash Photography

The last wedding reception I photographed was a little cute backyard wedding, and they had strung up bulb lights and colored lanterns across the yard. I knew I wanted to take some photos of the bride and groom as the sun went down, but I knew they had limited time, so I grabbed another couple and had them pose for me so I could get my settings right before I dragged bride and groom away from their guests. I took a couple of shots. The first shot is all natural light, no flash. So I decided to have a little fun with flashes.

Natural Light

I exposed for their faces, as a result, you can’t really appreciate the colors behind them, not to mention, I had to slow the shutter speed way down to get their faces exposed. The settings for this first photo are ISO 640, shutter speed is 1/8 and aperture is 2.8. They are kind of washed out and blurry, even though I had my camera on a monopod. The second photo, I turned my flash on in the auto mode, ttl, and I exposed for the light behind them. My shutter speed was 1/60, everything else was the same, but see how the colors are so much more vibrant and they are nicely lit? See how the blue sky actually shows up instead of that washed out sky in the first picture?

Fun With A Flash

Awesome, right? So after the practice, when the bride and groom were ready, we had a few seconds to snap some photos, and this is what we got!

Flash Photo

The last picture I put a little yellow on, I couldn’t help but think of that scene from Tangled with this one.. Stay tuned, the next post will be about using your flash off camera.

Fun with Flashes


  1. By this do you mean you upped the yellows (overall or selectively) using the RGB mixer as in the ‘Channel Mixer’ Photoshop lesson?

  2. My New Year’s resolution is to get a handle on understanding photography technics and putting it into practice. Thank you I’m learning lots.

  3. I have a fujifilm camera, and i’m not quite sure that you can actually adjust the speed and everything else you said, how do i know if i can do that or not?

  4. What kind of flash are you using for this picture? The mounted flash or a speedlite? If I use my flash (on my rebel t3i) everything comes out over exposed.


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