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Frequency Separation Retouching in Photoshop

This excellent Photoshop tutorial makes frequency separation retouching faster and easier than ever, with custom downloadable tools and step by step instruction. Although this course is geared to professional shooters, you don’t have to be a Photoshop wiz to follow it. Alternatively, have a look at our handy basic photo editing guide with tutorials for all levels.

Frequency Separation

Photoshop master and PHLEARN founder Aaron Nance explains everything in clear, simple terms anyone can grasp, and the lessons are divided into short, easy to digest sections. Aaron is not only an expert and a perfectionist, he’s also funny and natural, someone you’ll be happy to watch for a few hours.

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With the downloadable custom action, you’ll separate precise details from the underlying color information in seconds, then edit each of them independently. Along the way, you’ll get tips and hacks on opening RAW photos in Photoshop and using keyboard shortcuts.

If you’ve tried many of these tools and techniques with disappointing results, this course will explain why and make it all easy. Aaron begins by teaching you the skills you’ll use for all sorts of Photoshop tasks, then takes you through the retouching of three beauty images. You’ll become comfortable with retouching any image and develop an efficient workflow.

spot healing

Mastering the Tools and Techniques

You’ll learn to use the downloadable frequency separation brush, adjusting the size, opacity and flow and sampling the underlying colors to brush over the image.

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to use the healing brush tool to instantly remove small blemishes and smooth out harsh transitions from light to dark, making the skin appear smoother without altering the texture.

Perfecting Details and Evening Out Tones

You’ll learn the differences between small scale and large scale retouching, perfecting details and evening out tones. Working on the high frequency separation layer, you’ll make small scale corrections, using the clone stamp tool to eliminate blemishes, lines and pores and easily remove stray hairs — even eyelashes.

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Then you’ll work on the low frequency layer using the brush tool or healing brush to tackle large scale corrections, balancing skin tones without changing the appearance of the face. And you’ll learn to rotate the image to get various perspectives and create accessible work areas.

image retouching

Creating a Flawlessly Retouched Image

In the last chapter of the tutorial, you’ll follow Aaron from start to finish as he retouches three beauty images. You’ll use selection masks to quickly improve highlights and shadows, use the PHLEARN custom brush to smooth out color transitions, dodge and burn using the curves adjustment and the custom brush to brighten some areas and darken others.

You’ll learn to do precise color corrections using the color adjustment layer and properties functions for brightening teeth and eyes, highlighting and defining chin and cheekbones, and enhancing the shape of the face. Then you’ll perfect your image using the PLEARN downloadable custom sharpening function. Finally, you’ll resize the image without affecting the original and save it, optimizing for the web.

What’s Included?

  • Over Six Hours of Expert Instruction
  • 7 sample RAW images by beauty photographer Iulia David
  • PHLEARN Frequency Separation Photoshop Action
  • PHLEARN Sharpening Photoshop Action
  • PHLEARN Custom Brush

Start Learning Professional Retouching

Know exactly how to professionally retouch an image with spectacular results, and you’ll have the PHLEARN actions and tools you’ve downloaded to make a variety of Photoshop tasks much faster and easier. Don’t forget to use coupon code ‘PhotoCourse’ to save 25%!

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