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Free Photography Courses

We have found another great resource offering online free photography courses. Alison.com offers five free photography courses; Beginner Digital Photography, Introduction to Digital Photography, Diploma in Digital Photography, Advanced Digital Photography, and Intermediate Digital Photography.

ALISON is an e-learning platform that was founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Mike Feerick in Galway, Ireland. Is it one of the first and largest companies in the free online education market. ALISON has over 12 million registered learners and offers over 1,000 free courses on wide range of subjects including; Technology, Language, Science, Health, Humanities, Business, Math, Marketing, and Lifestyle.

They have close ties with prominent American colleges such as Stanford University, Yale, MIT, Columbia University, and Cambridge University. Alison students also have access to courses published by Microsoft and Google.

Certification and Ad Free Options

Photography Courses on ALISON are available free of charge, however there are additional options offered for a nominal fee. ALISON is able to provide great free photography courses from advertisements throughout their website. Learners can purchase an Adsfree option and enjoy a course experience free of advertisements.

For a small fee, ALISON offers an Alison Certificate for learners who achieve 80% or higher on course assessments. It is important to remember courses, certificates and diploma’s are NOT ACCREDITED by any institution and they do not offer college credits or degrees.

1. Beginner Digital Photography course

Beginner Digital Photography is a 2-3 hour course for photographers that are ready to move beyond the Automatic Mode setting. In this course you’ll learn command modes, the exposure triangle, lenses, white balance, and introduction to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Course topics include;

Working with your camera: Learning Outcomes, Commanding the Mode Dial, Lens structure and types, Prime Lenses, Cleaning your lenses, Introduction to Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISOWhite Balance, Introduction to Light, Working with your camera, Introduction to Photoshop and Lightroom.


2. Introduction to Digital Photography

Similar to the Beginner Digital Photography, Introduction to Digital Photography runs between 2-3 hours and focuses on helping photographers get acquainted with basic digital camera features. In this course you’ll be introduced to the history of photography  and photographic styles. Other topics include the Rule Of Thirds, sensors, image file management, and more. Course topics include;

The History of Photography, Photographic Styles, The Rule Of Thirds, The SLR, Basic DSLR settings, File Management, Creative Commons, Necessary Gear, The Sensor & Mirrors Within, Full Frame vs Crop Sensor, Bits and Bytes.



3. Diploma in Digital Photography

Diploma in Digital Photography is a comprehensive 10-12 hour course covering a wide range of subjects including flash photography, hyperfocal distance, focal length, perspective, and more. Course topics include;

The History of Photography, Photographic Styles, The Rule Of Thirds, The SLR, Basic DSLR settings, File Management, Creative Commons, Necessary Gear, The Sensor & Mirrors Within, Full Frame vs Crop Sensor, Bits and Bytes

Working with your camera, Commanding the Mode Dial, Lens structure and type, Prime Lenses, Cleaning your lenses, Introduction to Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO, White Balance, Introduction to Light.

Introduction to Photoshop and Lightroom for Photographers, Introduction To Software – Creative Cloud, Opening Files in Photoshop, The Photoshop Interface, Panning and Zooming in Photoshop, Photoshop – Managing Edit History, Image Obviously Photoshopped, Making subtle changes to enhance a photograph, Introduction to Lightroom, Creating Catalogs in Lightroom.

Getting more out of your camera: Learning Outcomes, A Closer Look At Exposure – Shutter Speeds, A Closer Look At Exposure – ISO, A Closer Look At Exposure – Aperture, Introduction To Metering on a DSLR, Introduction To Lens Filters, Lens Filters – A Detailed Look, Getting more out of your camera: Lesson Summary, Resource for Doing more with Photoshop View Resource, Refining Your Photographic Techniques, Refining Your Photographs Using Photoshop.


4. Advanced Digital Photography

The Advanced Digital Photography course runs between 2-3 hours and covers more complex subjects for intermediate photographers. Course topics include;

Refining Your Photographic Techniques, Exposure – Mirror Lock-up and Bracketing, Flash Photography, Flash Photography Techniques, Focal Length & Perspective, Hyperfocal Distance, Depth of Field & Circle Of Confusion, How To Read Histograms.

Refining your photographs using Photoshop, Using The Clone Stamp Tool, Removing Larger Elements, Photoshop Filters, Photoshop File Formats, Refining your photographs using Photoshop.


5. Intermediate Digital Photography

Intermediate Digital Photography runs between 2-3 hours and is suited for the beginning photographer who is ready to move to the next level. Course topics include;

Getting more out of your camera, A Closer Look At Exposure; Shutter Speeds, ISO, Aperture, Introduction To Metering on a DSLR, Introduction To Lens Filters.

Doing more with Photoshop, Basic Colour Selecting, Using The Crop Tool, Straightening Photographs, Using Autofill with Content-Aware Crop, Using The Spot Healing Brush, Introduction to Layers, Layer Masks.



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