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3 Best Free Newborn Lightroom Presets


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The birth of a baby is one of the most important events in a person’s life, and as such, newborn baby photography plays a major role in documenting this special time. If you’re the photographer whose task it is to memorialize the first days of the new family member, you want the newborn photos to be nothing short of perfect. And, that’s even more true if you’re the newborn’s parent–you want to preserve these precious days for the rest of your life.

While newborns are naturally photogenic, if you want to achieve those perfect photographs that will last a lifetime, it’s almost a given you’ll have to do some post-production processing. Using Lightroom presets makes that job much easier. Presets are premade filters that you’ll apply to your photos, in this case, using the well-known photo editing program, Adobe Lightroom.

Because we know how crucial baby photography is, we’d like to help by highlighting the three best free newborn Lightroom presets.

Newborns are naturally photogenic, as seen with this baby, but to get those perfect photos, you’ll likely need to do some post-production processing.
Newborns are naturally photogenic, but to get those perfect photos, you’ll likely need to do some post-production processing.

1. Angelic Newborn Lightroom Presets Collection

These presets are part of our Angelic Newborn Lightroom Presets Collection. These 3 free presets for Lightroom help you to create photos that parents will cherish forever. And, with these presets, editing and post-production will be a breeze. You also get one newborn brush, and six before and after photos for inspiration.

Free Download

Additionally, the beauty of using these free newborn Lightroom presets is that you can create that incredible image regardless of whether you’re a first-time parent who’s never photographed a newborn before or a seasoned professional. The presets are easy to use, and they’re all you need to make sure your baby photos are flawless every single time.

Use these free Lightroom presets to get those angelic images, like the baby in this photo.
Use these free Lightroom presets to get those angelic images

2. BéArt Newborn Baby Lightroom Preset

This free Lightroom preset is part of BéArt’s Newborn Lightroom Presets Collection. This particular preset is extremely versatile. It offers beautiful soft, subtle edits for newborn baby photos, and it can be used on any image taken in either natural or studio light.

This Lightroom preset will give you creamy skin and clean color, and it’s beautifully soft, which makes it perfect for editing newborn images. It’s also suitable for weddings, senior photography, photos of children and family, and for maternity sessions.

Free Download

This free Lightroom preset is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4 – 7, as well as Classic and Creative Cloud (CC) Adobe versions. Additionally, it’s compatible with JPG and RAW images, and both MAC and PC. You also receive detailed installation instructions and lifetime free updates.

These presets can help you create that clean color that makes those newborn images unforgettable, like the baby seen here.
These presets can help you create that clean color that makes those newborn images unforgettable

3. PresetsH Newborn Baby Lightroom Presets

These free Newborn Lightroom Presets from PresetsH can help you give your newborn photos a unique look. They allow you to apply fadeable color effects, and you can easily adjust the settings and tone to your preferences. That makes them completely customizable so that you can achieve the look you want. These presets are also great for family photography.

Free Download

Included in this offer are two free professional presets that allow you to achieve a unique result with just one click–you’ll agree the results you get with these presets are awesome. These free presets are compatible with Lightroom 4 and both CC versions, and they’re also compatible with either JPG or RAW images. You’ll also receive complete instructions for installation and usage.

These newborn presets are great for the family too, as seen in this image of mother and child.
These newborn presets are great for the family too

By applying these three free newborn photography Lightroom presets, you can create those soft, subtle, angelic photos of newborn babies that parents and family will love. And, you’ll be able to achieve those results easily and fast. These presets allow you to apply the perfect image adjustments with just one click. It doesn’t get much easier than that, and the result will be images that will bring a lifetime of joy to the parents and family of the beloved newborn.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a newborn parent who wants those perfect images of the newest member of the family, these free presets will help you create the kinds of photographs that will invoke those strong feelings of love and nostalgia every time you see them–even if you’re looking at them 50 years from now.

These free Lightroom presets will help you create those images that parents will treasure for the rest of their lives, like this image of a father holding his newborn baby.
These free Lightroom presets will help you create those images that parents will treasure for the rest of their lives

When mothers and fathers look back on these images, they’ll remember the precious moments they spent with their babies, and those strong feelings of love they felt as they held their baby in their arms. Time flies–always much faster than we’d like–so it’s important to capture those important moments with perfect photos, and these presets will help you do just that.

Catherine Gaither
Catherine Gaither
Catherine Gaither is a professional bioarchaeologist. She has traveled the world photographing archaeological sites and artifacts, and studying human physical remains. She has written numerous professional publications. She continues to work as a forensic consultant and author.


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