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Finding Portrait Lighting

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Finding and Using Great Light for Portrait Photography

I have seen the light! …Portrait Light

Finding Portrait Lighting flower girl

Good Portrait Lighting can be the key to success when turning mediocre portraits into amazing portraits. Every Portrait Photographer has a different idea on what makes great lighting.  How you use light will often help shape your style of Portrait Photography.

Indoor Portrait Lighting Techniques

Make Shade be Your Lighting Friend

When I am doing a Portrait session, the first thing I look for is shade. Nice, wide open shade. The type of shade that is cast by something that isn’t directly overhead, such as a building or rock. The best light is often at the edge of the shade. Next time you are outside in full sunlight try and experiment with it, start at the point closest to the source of the shade and walk slowly towards the edge. Bring a friend along for the journey and watch their facial features become brighter and brighter as you get further away from the source. When you shoot at the edge of open shade, the natural light is available to catch in the eyes and reflect on the skin. It is a great place to start out.

Open Shade Portraits


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