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Digital Photography Rolls Forward
film to digital

Even the longest supporters of film photography are beginning to buy Digital Cameras. Early Digital Photography would lack the high level of sensitivity that film can offer. Digital lacked the depth of pixels to replicate what film can do. That is not so much of a problem anymore with developments in Digital Camera Sensors.


Film over Digital

Film does still beat out Digital in some areas. For example, digital has noise created and although processors do a much better job of filtering out than in years past digital still cannot create the dynamic contrast or dynamic range that you see with your eye and that film can capture.  Photographs like these where the difference between light and dark are so small or the contrast ratio is so small, digital tends to blend them. Film has the ability to capture them. That being said, with post processing digital cameras can now take multiple images and combine them to get a very high dynamic range, but in a single shot Film still beats out Digital in Dynamic Range.Dynamic Range

Roll to Memory Cards

The transition from film to digital cards is a no brainier. Memory cards are dirt cheap these days, where you can capture hundreds of high quality images on a card that costs under $15 and it can be re-used in most cases longer than the time it takes to become obsolete. The cards do not have to be developed and the images can be extracted very quickly using high speed USB cords.

The Digital Darkroom

Darkrooms for film have always been expensive to establish and keep up. A darkroom requires setting aside a specific location and upkeep of equipment that is becoming more and more unavailable. The Digital Dark Room has many advantages over the Traditional Darkroom. A digital Dark room does not include the mess of a traditional. A Digital Dark Room has no water involved, and best of all a digital dark room does not require darkness or specialty lights.

Elements of the Digital Darkroom

A digital dark room can contain many different items depending on your budget. It must have:

  1. Captured Digital Images
  2. Printer- The sky’s the limit

Other elements a Digital Darkroom


  1. Mego O.I.S. is Mega Optical Image Stabilization. It’s just the special name that Panasonic gives their stabilization features which just helps keep camera shake from showing up in your photographs. Camera shake is you moving the camera in the brief fraction of a second that the picture is taken. 6x optical zoom just uses the lens to get you 6 times closer to what you’re shooting. Optical really focuses in while digital zoom is worthles. 5 Mega Pixels means you can print images around 8X10 and have them look ok, any bigger and they won’t look so great.

  2. Hi I am a beginner in photograph. My Camera is a Panasonic DMC-LZ3.

    Can you help me out in here. What does Mega O.I.S means? And what can you do with a 6x optical zoom and What does 5.0 Mega Pixels means. I am learning slowly. Please help me out.

    Thanks alot


  3. “Sky’s the limit” is an expression that means anything is possible. So by saying “Computer: Sky’s the limit” it means you can spend as much as you want when it comes to the computer.

    As for “Online Printing Contract“, it means you can enter into an agreement with a online printing company and have them print your digital photos for you.


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