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Fashion Photography Tips

Fashion photography

Fashion photography is one of the most vast and innovative forms of photography. Since it combines the idea of fine art with commerce, each fashion photographer is unique with their style and vision. While some fashion work can be described as couture, lifestyle or street – the options are endless for your work within this photographic niche. Even though every fashion photographer has their own desired method of shooting, these are a few key tips for every photographer to remember when working within the realm of fashion. 

Use Various Methods of Framing

Fashion photography is a culmination of portraits and full-length imagery. The key detail to remember is that a good fashion photographer is always experimenting with framing and composition. The idea is to grab the attention of the viewer and highlight the article of clothing, jewelry or accessory you are photographing on your model. You will want to utilize framing such as the up-close portrait approach along with a three-quarter crop and a full body length image. The reason we aim to frame our subject in different ways is due to the idea that fashion is not only about the clothing, but about the story, the mood and the art of the creation. As a fashion photographer, you need to focus on capturing a set of images that when placed together has a integrative, cohesive rhythm and flow.

Fashion photography methods of framing

Direct Your Subject with Posing and Movement

When photographing a model for your fashion project, you will need to know how to direct your subject. It is best to have an idea of poses that fit into the style of the shoot. You can aid the model in facial expressions, use of hands, adjusting posture and overall stance. Additionally, integrating the use of movement is essential in photographing clothing. Whether you have your model play with the fabric, physically move their body by stepping, jumping or leaning – you will add a dimensional element to the pieces. Depending on the project, your model may have a variety of poses that give off a certain mood to the audience such as strong, stoic, defeated, elated and so forth. It is important to utilize these tools, but to always ensure that the posing and movement aligns with the overall theme and purpose of your shoot.

Fashion photography Posing and Movement

Pay Attention to Details

An important aspect to remember when photographing fashion is to pay attention to the details which includes fixing pieces or elements that may go awry while shooting. This can be adjusting the hair of the model, cleaning up makeup, wiping away sweat from their face and adjusting pieces of clothing that are wrinkled or unorganized – the smallest details are vital in fashion photographs. This is especially crucial if you are shooting a piece that will be featured in a magazine or for a campaign. Yes, you can make adjustments to hair, skin and clothing in Photoshop, but there are some elements that need to be fixed on the spot while shooting. If you pay attention to the details and have a team that is fixing elements while you shoot – your images will exude a clean and professional look.

Fashion photography Pay Attention to Details

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

The best part of fashion photography is the creativity within the niche. You are encouraged as a fashion photographer to create your own style and personal vision in order to distinguish yourself within the photographic community. It is advised to test and try new techniques often when you first start in fashion photography. If you prefer studio setups, play with various types of lighting. If you shoot outdoors or on location, be creative with how you compose your subject within the background. Add visual elements, use props and choose the clothing that aligns with what you hope to create. The most successful fashion photographers are often those whose style is immediately recognizable, so be sure to start developing and building your own with every project you photograph.

Fashion photography Experiment

Fashion photography has grown over the years to encompass a wide variation of photographic styles and personal visions. If you are a photographer that shoots studio, lifestyle or street style fashion – these tips will help you in creating work that is specialized and unique to you. It is necessary to remember that the infusion of fashion and photography is a constantly evolving spectrum. In today’s photography world, not all fashion work is focused on high, couture, but rather encompasses a wide range of commercial, vintage and one of a kind brands. Have you ever considered becoming a fashion photographer or do you already shoot fashion and have some of your own tips to share? Let us know your outlook on the world of fashion photography below.

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Shannon Ciricillo
Shannon Ciricillo
Shannon Ciricillo is a fashion, lifestyle + travel photographer working with digital and film formats. She is currently based in the United States.


  1. Nice Article on fashion Photography. Your tips are important for a photographer. Yes, a photographer should have their own style and personal vision. Last month I had attended one fashion event and had met one of the famous photographers Mr. Alex F Buchholz which is a very well-known name in the fashion industry. His creative shoots can be found in different magazines. Keep posting.

  2. I’m sorry but I don’t understand if you are supposed to be paying attention to details what is with the second photo and the green leaves above the models head? They are very distracting and hard to tell whether they are supposed to be part of the fashion or just leaves that got in the way. Same with the uneven light falling on her parts of her face. They are also distracting.


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