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10 fashion photography classes for starters

Steve Mccurry

The photograph is an undeniably powerful medium. Free from the constraints of language, and harnessing the unique qualities of a single moment frozen in time.

Steve McCurry is an American photographer renowned for his vivid color images, especially the iconic "Afghan Girl" portrait on a 1985 National Geographic cover. With a career spanning decades, he's celebrated for his compelling photojournalism and documentation of war-torn regions.





Can you please share a brief history about your photography business? What motivated you to start this venture?

Can you please share a brief history about your photography business? What motivated you to start this venture?

Trying to break into fashion photography? This highly-rewarding career can be one of the most fun and creative fields to get into, but just like with anything worth having in life, it’ll require a good amount of hard work, dedication, and sometimes, perfect timing and luck!

The fastest way to become a better fashion photographer is to actively practice photographing different models while keeping updated with the latest trends and knowledge of the industry. If you want to make a mark in fashion photography, you’ll want to read and study it with dedication. Luckily, there are many free and affordable resources online about fashion photography that you don’t even have to go to school to obtain these pockets of knowledge!

Here are our top 10 recommended classes every fashion photographer should take to turn their dreams into a reality.

using natural light in fashion photography

Course #1: Fashion Photography 101 by Lara Jade

Whether or not you are a beginner or a more experienced photographer, this course offers the best introduction to fashion photography and the elements that go into a fashion shoot. Follow Lara Jade as she guides you through each stage, from planning, casting, styling models, to the actual day of the shoot. Fashion Photography 101 offers 39 detailed lessons, beginning with an introduction to the foundation of Fashion Photography, learning the elements of a successful shoot, and delving right into the shooting process with multiple models. The course will teach you how to set up lighting correctly and interact with models throughout the shoot. Finally, there will be lessons on the image selection process where you will learn how to choose the best photos for retouching, and ultimately, branding and submitting your work in the fashion industry. Not only does this course guide you through real fashion shoots, but the instructor also provides clear, easy-to-follow advice about the fashion industry and what beginners should expect during the beginning stages of becoming a successful fashion photographer. This is a very informative and inspiring course to take for any photographer.
Fashion Flair for Photographers by Lindsay Adler

Course #2: Fashion Flair for Photographers by Lindsay Adler

Learn how to hone your photography skills and develop your eye for fashion in this 36-lesson course with Lindsay Adler. You will learn all the necessary fashion photography tips and apply it to your own work. With just a few adjustments in the way you utilize props, lighting, and styling, your photos will come out looking strikingly artistic and professional.

This course includes 36 detailed video lessons that will tackle different situations and common problems that arise during a fashion shoot. You will see the before and after images, and how each technique makes a huge difference in the overall product. Take these courses and you will discover the secrets to capturing the right story at the right time.

Editorial Fashion Photography by Steven Leone

Course #3: Editorial Fashion Photography by Steven Leone

This course suits anyone who is considering going into fashion photography but are on a tight budget. You can create exceptional photos without needing to spend thousands of dollars. It is recommended that you have prior knowledge about basic camera settings (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, etc) before starting this course.

The purpose of this course is for novice to intermediate photographers to learn how to produce high-quality fashion photos without the assistance of a production team. You will learn the basics from scouting for the best locations to editing and analyzing real life case studies related to composition and using shadows to make your photos stand out. This is one of the best courses to take if you are thinking of running your own business in fashion photography.

Fashion & Glamour Photography Class

Course #4: Fashion & Glamour Photography by Michael Corsentino

Award-winning photographer Michael Corsentino will teach you how to master the art of fashion and glamour photography through choosing the best locations, telling a story through your images, and developing a good connection with your models to get them looking their best during a shoot.

This course also features a bonus e-book that will teach you how to master Photoshop CC by manipulating lighting and exposure. The detailed, step-by-step e-book is great for beginners who’d like an introduction to using Photoshop and using layers, tools, and filters to transform your photos completely.

artistic fashion photography

Course #5: Commercial Fashion Photography by Miss Aniela

If you’re lacking some inspiration lately, this resourceful course by Miss Aniela will uplift and motivate you to get more creative with your photography. Fashion Photography is all about having a strong artistic vision and story to tell, and this course will teach you everything you need to know to not only become a more creative fashion photographer but also to find a deeper purpose in your work.

You will be taken through a step-by-step approach in choosing the best locations for a fashion shoot, and Miss Aniela will show you both lo-fi and high-production approaches to a fashion shoot. Additionally, you’ll learn the value of post production to turn your photos into editorials and gain a deeper understanding of the business side of fashion photography.

Creative Portrait Photography Series

Course #6: Creative Portrait Photography Series: Magic of Color & Gels by Sandy Dee

Lighting plays a significant role in photography, but it takes more than great lighting to produce an outstanding photo. This creative course will show you how using color gels can dramatically transform the mood, tone, and story of your images. Using color gels is a cost-effective way to produce professional photos while saving time and space compared to using heavy paper rolls.

Taking this course will unlock your imagination and creativity to the next level. You can make your photos stand out without spending a lot of money. You will learn how to set up Hitchcock-like lighting, working with color gels, shadows, and rim lighting to create a mysterious and high-quality look to your fashion portraits.

fashion editorial photography

Course #7: DIY Fashion and Editorial Photography by Amanda Diaz

On a tight budget? This course will help you create professional, high-fashion photos for less than $100. You will learn all the effective and realistic strategies to execute a low budget, high-performance shoot from pre to post production!

Gain knowledge and tips on how to create a highly competitive portfolio and to find your own artistic voice as a fashion photographer. The instructor will discuss the obstacles and constraints that many photographers go through, such as fear of criticism and dealing with negativity.

By the end of the course, you’ll feel extra prepared and confident in setting up your own shoot, editing, and building an excellent portfolio. This is a straightforward, no BS course that will help you in many ways as a fashion photographer.

fashion photography course

Course #8: Ultimate Fashion Photography Masterclass by Rob Woodcox

Learn everything about fashion photography from start to finish in this comprehensive masterclass. You will master lighting, styling, posing, and post editing all in one course with award-winning fashion photographer Rob Woodcox. If you aspire to be a successful fashion photographer, this course is a great introduction to the field and Rob’s method of teaching will inspire you in countless ways.

If you like hands-on learning and are eager to learn all about fashion photography, this course is the one for you! You will see the difference in the quality of your work after taking this course. Learn how to capture photos that evoke emotion, work with off-camera lights, direct different types of models, and master the art of Photoshop and retouching for a stronger portfolio.

10 fashion photography classes for starters

Course #9: Making it in the Fashion Photography Business by Lindsay Adler

Worried you won’t make it in the fashion industry? Rest assured, because successful NYC-based photographer Lindsay Adler will guide you through her journey to becoming an accomplished fashion photographer and educator. Learn what it takes to make in this field, and how to plan out your shoots and get published so you can start making money doing what you love!

Don’t know where to start? No problem. You will learn what it’s like to be a fashion photographer, how to plan a shoot, acquire the right models, gather a production team, and learn how to make it in the industry with an outstanding portfolio. This course is perfect for beginners or those interested in learning more about the industry before choosing it as a career.

a couple photographed in natural light

Course #10: Fashion Photography: Using Natural Light For a DIY Shoot by Artu Nepomuceno

Fashion photography is not always about being flashy and creating photos just for advertisements. That’s why this course is solely focused on using only natural light as an advantage; follow along fashion photographer Artu Nepomuceno as he guides you through a fashion shoot using only natural lighting, and how it can bring out a different kind of emotion to your photos.

You will learn how to bring a concept to life in addition to using natural lighting techniques. Tips and tricks will also be shared throughout the course, like choosing the best gear for outdoor shoots, and building a strong connection with your models to ensure a successful shoot. This is the perfect course for anyone looking to start a career in photography on a lower budget and using only natural lighting to achieve high-quality fashion photos.

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