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Alfred Eisenstaedt, The Photojournalist

Alfred Eisenstaedt

Alfred’s famous photojournalism photography teaches the importance of having your photos be candid. Famous photojournalists have always been able to capture the essence of an event, but Alfred Eisenstaedt could capture truly candid photographs. For candid photographs, you must be ready at the drop of a hat. You have to look around. On this page we show his most famous photograph of an American Sailor on V- day. As the story goes this sailor was running through the streets of New York with excitement, kissing every girl he saw. Alfred Eisenstaedt was aware and looking around so that he was ready to get this perfect shot seen here.

Alfred Eisenstaedt took photos of famous Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. In a way he was the Albert Einstein of Photography because he was of Jewish descent, lived in Berlin and emigrated to the United States in 1935 because of Hitler’s oppression, where he became very successful.

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  1. They say a photos worth 1,000 words and honestly this photo is such an inspiration it goes beyond words. I love everything about this photograph.

  2. I really am trying to get into the photojournalism scene and i am working towards trying to be as excelent as i can be when it comes to taking pictures. I think its a serious art what you do being a journalist and photographer.


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