(Last Updated On: June 16, 2019)

Spotlight on Famous Photographers

Photography has changed substantially in the last decade alone. Tools on the computer, such as Photoshop, allow us to create virtually anything at all. Adjustments can be made to photographs long after the photos have been taken. However, many of the famous photographs and portraits came before the past decade of rapid advancement in digital photography.

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We have created a Spotlight in an effort to help current photographers learn from the great photographers of the past and present. Each photographer has something powerful to teach from their images or technique. Although some artists come from before the 20th century their work lives on today as a powerful example to us all.

More current artists featured in the spotlight have a powerful awareness of the principals taught by early photographers. They also understand the power and potential of new Digital Photography techniques and tools. We thank the Photographers for the lessons that they’ve taught and their support to help teach the world about photography. Many of them have tutorials, blogs, and other tools on their websites that may be of use to you. We will be Featuring a new Photographer each week so please come back to learn more.


  1. This is just the thing I was looking for, I have seen some wonderful photo’s but it’s nice to know which ones stand the test of time..
    Keen learner with an EOS10D which was bargain from a friend who upgraded his camera.. Always thought I’d be a famous photographer one day lol, got a lot to learn & a long way to go..
    Your website is full of useful information
    Thank you.


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