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Expert Photographer / Videographer and Content Writer Needed for PhotographyCourse.net

We are looking to hire photographers who can write authentic content and create compelling videos.

What you’ll be doing;

• Creating content video’s explaining different aspects of photography.
• Reviewing products (create video + copy to supplement the video).
• Creating video courses about different topics in photography (all targeted towards beginners).
• Creating a copy that goes together with the videos.
• You will have the opportunity to define your role further.

What you’ll bring to the table;

You don’t have all the skills? Don’t worry too much about that (the most important thing is your personality and the will to learn!).

• Be able to find your own tone in the videos. Some examples are:
Kai Wong
Jay Sony Alpha Lab
John Sison
Lok Cheung
Digital Rev
• You have a tremendous passion for photography.
• You must be willing to be the face of photographycourse.net.
• Excellent video editing skills.
• You have your own professional camera equipment.
• You are a very good writer.
• You have a lot of charisma and good articulation when speaking.
• You have a lot of enthusiasm and it shows off on camera.

Make sure to check our YouTube channel where you can look at the type of content we are looking for: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwRID6HcIEwE0egOwmAETWQ

What’s on the table for you;

• Monthly compensation between $1000 and $1700 based on experience.
• A full-time remote working arrangement.
• We will pay for courses, books, mentoring that help develop your skillset.

Hiring process

Everybody starts at step 1. We will let you know within 48 hours after step 1 if you can move on to the next round.

Step 1: Send us a video, and tell us why we should work with you (tip: be creative). Make sure it’s professionally edited. If the quality is not great, you won’t be selected.

Step 2: We will let you know if you make it through to this step :).

PS. We will only reply to people who apply with a video link, all other replies will be ignored.

Who we are looking for in long-read format:

Have you ever wanted to work for a company that enables you to spread your creative wings by making exciting video content?

If “yes” is your answer, and if you have wings, then we invite you to apply for a terrific new position as our Expert Content Photography Creator.

In this role, you’ll be writing and producing lots of cool content for a popular and well-established company that’s been offering top-notch photography training, education and photography products for the past 19 years.

We’re looking for a self-starter who can create video content for photography courses targeted towards the beginners, and to review an array of new products on the market. You’ll be responsible for making videos that support our blogposts.

We also want you to find your special “voice” – a style that sets you apart from the competition. Smart and engaging is always good. Bored and drooling? Not so much.

Some people we like on YouTube include Kai W, Jay SonyAlphaLab and John Sison. So take a look.

As you continue your work for us, you’ll be given the freedom to define your role within the company. We want you to thrive!

Here is what we’re looking for in a candidate:

• You should possess a passion for photography and are comfortable being the “face” of our company. Before you apply, ask your face if that’s okay.

• You must be a very good writer and have excellent video editing skills.

• You must have your own professional camera equipment. An iPhone 11 doesn’t count. Nice try.

• On camera, you ooze charisma and enthusiasm and are an articulate speaker. Mumbling is not acceptable.

So now, you’re probably wondering about compensation.

Here’s what we’re offering:

A good salary commensurate with experience.

A full-time remote working arrangement. So, if you’re not wearing pants, we won’t tell.

And we’ll pay for courses, books and mentoring to further develop your skillset because we’d like to keep you around.

The hiring process begins as soon as you send us a wonderfully crafted introduction video. No pressure there. In the video, be sure to tell us about your video gear setup. And send us three samples of the work you’re most proud of. Oh, and don’t forget to attach your resume! If we like what we see, we’ll let you know within 48 hours if you’ve made the cut.

In the next rounds, you’ll need to complete a few online tests and then be ready for your video interview. If all goes well, we’ll let you know if you got the job within 2 weeks.

So, are you ready for this fantastic opportunity? Then put on your pants and get going! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Good luck!

Email your application to domien@photographycourse.net 

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