Episode 35 – Interview with Felicia Simion

That’s the challenge: to find new in the old.

Felicia Simion

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Felicia’s background in ethnology and cultural anthropology has affected her perspective on photography
  • The advice she’d give to her younger self (and to beginners in photography)
  • How she takes beautiful photos of anything and everything

& much more!

People & Things Mentioned In The Podcast

Check out Felicia’s work:

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  1. What a great summary! It made me want to listen to the interview all over again. Thank you for listening and leaving your feedback, Charles!

  2. Things I want to remember from this interview:
    – It will be difficult, but there will be lots of glimpses of beauty along the way.
    – Never underestimate the little moments. (They remind the rest of us to notice our own little moments.)
    – Sense of community in your online presence. (Not just random people.)
    Love this interview.

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