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Dorothea Lange – Famous for Her Portraits

Dorothea Lange

Dorothea, a famous female portrait photographer, lived during a crucial time in the world and captured the time in Famous Portrait Photographs. She is known for the photographs she took during the great depression. Her Portraits did not only communicate the identity of a single person, but of an entire nation. She indeed humanized the Great Depression and it’s tragic consequences.

One of her most famous works shown here is of a Migrant Mother. We can learn from this famous portrait photograph the importance of capturing what’s around us. We should look at people and things with a critical eye and frame what is natural into a potentially famous portrait or photograph. Dorothea didn’t have to get the woman to pose. The portrait allowed the mother to communicate her need for help in the hopes that that the photograph might do just that.

Dorothea Lange – An American Odyssey

Dorothea Lange First Person

Visual Democracy: Dorothea Lange

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  1. Noureddine Erradi
    unfortunately, Dorethea Lange is dead but if you are looking for advice you could try photographers such as Steve McCurry or Lee Jefferies who do similar portraits

  2. Dear Dorothea,

    I am not a professional. I love making portrait pictures, People do like them. sometimes I happen to have a wonderful, rich, life shot occasion but unfortunately could not answer right to it the way you beautifully do in your work.
    A genuine tip from you might help me a lot

    Thank you

  3. i am an upcoming photographer from Kenya with a great passion to stand in the photography industry,i do street photography were i just walk down the streets searching for best site and images to capture, i want to enhance my skills on portrait photography,could you please help me?

  4. i am photographer from Ghana west Africa,kindly assist me to study portrait photography online


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