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Canon Rebel T4i

After many requests, we’ve created a DSLR Camera Comparison on what is important when choosing a new DSLR Camera. Enjoy and check out our other free photography courses found to the right.

What’s in the name?

All of these cameras are made by solid manufacturers that have been in the camera business for a very long time. Although Canon has reached out most successfully to the masses, Nikon and Olympus both make an entry level DSLR well worth your attention.


We’ve listed all of the products with the lens packages they come with, as most entry level consumers will find the lens package to be a better deal than buying the camera body alone. The Olympus package offers especial value as two lenses are included in the package. The lenses are fairly slow as you’d expect from entry level cameras. By slow, I mean they don’t do an especially good job of letting light into the camera and so you have to use a slower shutter speed than you would with better lenses.

Olympus Evolt E620 12.3MP DSLR with IS, 2.7-inch Swivel LCD with 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 and and 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 ED Zuiko Lenses

The lenses for Nikon and Canon are 18-55mm. The Olympus package offers a 14-42mm and a 40-150mm lens. All these lenses are zoom lenses because they can change from one focal length to another; they are not fixed lenses. The focal length that gets you closest to the action is more “telephoto” while the focal length that is furthest away or even more zoomed out than “normal” is called “wide angle”. These lenses start off fairly normal and then let you zoom in or move to a telephoto setting that is 3X closer or 10X closer when using Olympus’ extra lens.

Sensor Cleaning Systems

Getting dust on your CCD Sensor can ruin your day and your photos until you can get the dust cleaned. The manufacturers of these fine cameras are coming up with solutions to keep dust off your photos. All of these cameras have this feature, although Canon has had some issues with it in the past. Be sure that the camera you choose has a cleaning feature that is effective.

Nikon 3200

Mega Pixels

Extra mega pixels are nice to have, especially if you you plan on printing your photos in large format. Do not, however, put too much weight on the Mega Pixels as they continue to grow each year while the typical size that you print or leave on your computer does not.
The mega pixels on these cameras range from 10.2 to 12.3 MP or equivalent high quality prints of 11X14 to 16X20. If you’ve taken some of our courses you know that size isn’t all that matters in your photos. It’s really about taking the right shot at the right time and some of the bells and whistles on these cameras are designed to help you out.

Bells and Whistles

All of these cameras include some of the features included in their point and shoot counterparts. The LCD’s are large and Olympus even allows you to use the LCD as a viewfinder which results in only a slight delay in performance (speed). Nikon has developed a flash that fires based on information collected by various sensors. It’s much more sophisticated than past cameras and lessens the problems that flash photography can cause. Image Stabilization or Vibration Reduction are also two features that will allow your photos to be clearer by reducing camera shake. This technology in the lens is newer, so if you get an after market lens be sure that it also has this technology.

Buy a DSLR Camera

For more information specific to these cameras including current pricing and consumer reviews click the links below or see our the Best Selling DSLR Cameras.

We welcome comments and requests for more information regarding this topic.


  1. HI Guys, m new to photography and m planning to get a dslr and set my hand on it.
    I have thought of going for CanonD70(Body only).
    Please let me know what basic lens do i need to start with.

  2. Hi Guys, can anyone give me some advise if what is the best camera to use between those three? And if it is Ok to use just generic lense? will it affect the quality of my shots?

  3. I do a lot of nature photography and use a Nikon d5100. I am using the micro lens attachment and it seems to be working out well. I want to get into taking engagement portraits, senior Portraits and wanted to ask if anyone could recommend a lens for that?

  4. I bought Canon Rebel T5i one year earlier than Nikon D3200. I shoot pictures side by side with both of them. Image wise, I pro Nikon. Handy wise, it’s Canon. So use both.

  5. i am planning to buy a nikon dslr. but i’m confused between d5100 vs d3200. please do provide me with some help. afterall i’m a beginer at photography.

  6. Hi are the Nikon Coolpix also a good brand or should I get a Nikon d? I would greatly appreciate your comments and help

  7. I have today bought bought a Nikon d40 this is my dslr . Before buying it I looked at a lot of cameras and researched them . I went for the d40 as a lot of reviews on said it was a good camera to learn with.
    I have had many p&s my last one being a Nikon coolpixs sl2600 which has now become my handbag camera lol
    I actually found this site before I bought camera and a lot of stuff frighten me into thinking maybe I should just stick with my p&s but decided no I would have a go as I have quite a keen eye and think it may be something I will enjoy as a hobby
    My main subjects will be my grandson and my 2 year old daughter and iam looking forward to learning and having fun with my camera

  8. Just bought a Canon EOS Rebel T3i(600D)yesterday and am trying to learn how to use it. Recently found out it came out in 2011; but hope that won’t put a damper on it; can’t afford to purchase some of the cameras mentioned on here. The camera came with a 18-55mm lens and am wondering what that is equal to, zoom wise… Also hoping I didn’t waist money in purchasing it as this is my first DSLR. Have done a lot of research before and like the idea of the swiveling LCD screen.
    Can anyone help me?
    Thank you

  9. Where, besides Amazon, is a good place to buy a used DSLR camera for someone who is on a fixed income & will take time (years) to save for such an expensive purchase?

  10. Hi Derek,
    Thank you so much for all the information provided. You are doing a great job.
    I want to buy a good SLR to start my hobby and i was planning to buy Canon T3i with 18-135 mm lens. Now i have a question for you, can we buy nikkor 18-200 lens (as it is economical compared to canon). Does is matter is we buy camera and lens of different companies?

  11. Had a Nikon D40.Its been very good. now with a D80. though havnt stared taking the kind of shots i’d like to see yet. so i need more training to know how to get those shots with Nikon D80

  12. Recently bought a Nikon D40. This is my first real try at learning photography. Have a Kodak Easyshare “point and shoot” but I thought I’d learn more, and be able to do more with the Nikon. Am going to my first night of a photography class this evening. Excited about what I’m going to learn!

  13. o.m.g. you are all fabulous! i have a canon 650D and i love love love it to bits. what new lenses should i buy for fun and money?

  14. Shena, I’m with you on that.

    I’m a Pentax user from way back. MZ50 film cameras were all I used until I purchased my K-20D.

    This month I’ve splurged & brought a K-30.

    All my old lenses (quite a collection) will fit!
    AND I can take it out & not worry about a bit of sand and surf.

  15. a friend owns a Fuji-film XPRO1 and from looking at the pictures he had taken i see that they are very good. i’m planning of purchasing either Fuji-film XPRO1 or XE-1, will these be a good choice? thanks!

  16. I have a canon t3 want to know what lenses i should buy for zooming in at grandsons football games and the portraits

  17. When i decided to buy my 1st DSLR, I done some research and desided on the Pentax K-x. First I didn’t want the same brand as everyone else. I like to be different. I like the pentax because it had almost all the same features as the other Brands, but this had shake stability in the camera, not in the lens, which means, i would be able to use all the pentax lens with the camera I also like the fact that it has a feature that will let you know when you sensor need to be cleaned. I like to be Creative and with all the extra in camera processing filters, that the other cameras didn’t have at the time, gave me a chance to do just that. i also like the fact that i was able to choose to have a different color other then black. My family told me that i should not have bought it in White because Professional don’t use White cameras, but when i take my camera out to do pictures, people love the color of it and tells me how beautiful it looks. I still try to compare othe camera that come out in the market, but i just can’t see anything that i like. I am thining of going with the K30 because i can use all my lens and it it completely water seal tight. I do a lot of pictures around water and i think this would be a great camera for me.

  18. I have a Nikon D3000 and I absolutely love it. However, I wanna know more and be able to do more with it. I would appreciate any help available and/or suggestions. Thank you in advance. Merry CHRISTmas and God bless.

  19. All the camera brands listed are excellent. The way I picked my new DSLR was putting them in my hand. The most comfortable fit was the Nikon D7000. If you are holding a camera in your hand all day you want the best fit!

  20. I have purchased a canon PowerShot SX40 HS….I am just starting out on photography and i just LOVE my camera…This is a good camera to start with.

  21. Hey peeps,
    I have just purchased a Canon EOS 1100D after many years out of the industry….well, I studied photography at school and was regimental photographer while serving with the British Army.I have not picked up a camera for so long that I have forgot much I learnt and am finding this website very useful. Many thanks to all that have contributed to this website.

  22. Hi ,
    I enjoy all this information, as I am just starting out on photography.
    I have a question that hopefully somebody can help me with.
    My girlfriend has a business on Facebook, where she buys latest fashion clothing, dresses in the clothes, and takes photos of herself with an i-phone 4S, and puts them on line.
    What can you suggest ans a good starter camera to take better photos for her Facebook.?

  23. I do primarily landscape photography, however, I will point my equipment at just about anything if I feel there’s a chance to make the image “POP! I did a lot of research before buying a new Nikon D200. My main reason for buying an older model Nikon was the fact that the D200 still has CCD sensors. I am very pleased with this camera as it always produces tack sharp images. I have two zoom lenses : one is a 70-300 mm telephoto Nikon lense with vibration resistance and the other, for all around travel, a Tamron 18-200 mm. I would really like brighter, faster lenses, but that would cut hard into my budget. Most of my photography is in situations where the light is abundant, but I have taken shots, as winter snow storms were rolling in, and they tuned out fine. If you are looking for a camera that you can grow your photography skill with, try to find the Nikon D200.

  24. I am debating between the Nikon D5100 DSLR Kit & the Canon EOS Rebel T3i Kit…what is the difference in the effect they offer?

  25. I had been waiting about two years to upgrade from my point and shoot to a DSLR. Since I travel a lot, I became interested in the smaller / compact models coming out on the market. I read all of the reviews by the professionals and found the new Sony NEX-7 with a 24.3mp to answer all of their concerns. So…… I purchased one and I am totaly delighted and blown away in the functionality and extreme sharpness of this camera. The interchangable lens capability and the featurs in this compact camera allow ease of travel and matches the quality of any DSLR. I am suprised this sight does not mention Sony at all as Sony was a pioneer in digital photography and has been continuly advancing technology.

  26. I recently bought the Nikon D5100 camera bundle with a 18-55mm lens & a 55-200mm lens and I absolutely love it! It has a built in vibration control along with a lot of effects options. It takes super clear/sharp photos and the colors show up nice and vibrant as well – i rarely need to edit the photos taken with this camera. I’m very new to photography and am no where near knowing this camera’s capabilities but I’m having a lot of fun learning and someday hope to upgrade/ try other cameras.

  27. I’ve noticed on sites like this, Pentax don’t get mentioned often. I have the K200d and at the moment it’s smarter than me. One reason I bought it, besides price, is that lenses from my old ME Super fit it. I seam to take better pictures outdoors with my old lenses than with the auto lens that came with it. They seam to come out over exposed. I don’t seam to have that problem with the non auto lenses. It’s probably me rather than the camera. Anyway, glad I found this site. Been going thru the tutorials and learning a lot. Now that winter is sorta over, I’m gonna get out and start taking more pictures and learning to use this camera. Thanks for having this site. Keep up the good work.

  28. I am wanting to purchase a used DSLR camera and want to know is Nikon or Canon a better camera? Any major differences?

  29. I just bought a used Canon EOS 30D with an 18-55 mm lens kit from a professional photographer that was upgrading. She showed me some of the pictures she had taken with the camera and they were amazing. Another friend of mine does photography and she uses the same camera. This is my first DSLR and I am very impressed so far. I have only used the auto feature on it because I’ve only had it a couple of days but the point and shoot portion of it is awesome. It doesn’t zoom as far as I would like but that’s because I need to buy some more lenses for it.

    I would like to know what the lens each do that are offered and how far each of them zoom. I would also like to know the benefits of all the different filters being offered. I plan to shoot pictures outdoors mainly with families and children. I am doing this to earn a little extra money for lenses. I would like to know what would be a good lens for this type of close up photography. Is the one kit that came with it good enough? Or should I opt for something different?

  30. i am just getting started in photography and would like to know which would be a better buy.the sony a55 or the nikon 3100.i am more interested in taking good stills and nights pictures

  31. after going through your pages i recently bought myself a Nikon P500. I know it does not compare much to the big guns like D40 with exchangable lenses, but I find it very interesting and a pleasure to learn and work with. Looking forward to turning a hobby into business. Thanks guys!

  32. Any of the big 3 (Nikon, Canon, Pentax) make excellent cameras and lenses. And more megapixels does NOT equal better pictures. Kathy has had great results with the Nikon D40, which was my first DSLR. It’s a great camera, and available on the used market for a good price. The main thing is to have a good eye (comes with practice) and stick to a few simple principles of photography. And don’t be afraid to bend the rules!

  33. My husband purchased a Nikon D7000 for me with the 18-105 lens. Love the fact that the lens came with the hood. Now I am thinking that it is time that I get serious about this course and then maybe something else. The pictures that this camera takes are amazing, and want to learn to put the bells and whistles of this camera to use.

  34. Jane, I think one of the differences of the two cameras are that the Canon T3i(EOS 600D) had a 3-inch wide Vari-angle LCD monitor. I think it also had a better quality for movie/video recording, other than that I don’t know anything else about the cam but if you pefer lower cost for the DSLR buy the Canon T2i(EOS 550D)..
    Hope that helps 🙂

  35. Great insight now my question is… what do you think about the Canon t2i and the canon t3i?

    The only thing that keeps me from Nikon cameras is the video quality.

  36. What do you think about Sony Alpha55? It’s in the same price range as Nikon D5100 and Canon T3i. the feature i become attached to is the 10fps because i like action photos

  37. To: Kristina

    Probably the best lens to purchase would be the Nikkor EF-S 55-200mm VR lens. This is the best match for the 18-55mm lens. You can pick one up on e-Bay for less than $200. Another route would be to go for the 18-200mm VR lens. This is quite expensive at around $800.

  38. Hey all, my husband purchased me the Nikon D5000 for an early Christmas present last year and I absolutely love it. It is very user friendly! This is my first DSLR camera and I so thought I would be kind of scared of it. They seem kind of intimidating with all their bells and whistles, but this one is sooo easy to use. I have been reading through the lessons on here and understanding the shutter speed and all of that much better now!
    My question to throw out there to everyone is; What lens would you use if you went out on a whale watching tour? We are going on one Sunday and I want to try and capture some awesome pictures from far away and up close. I have the standard 18-55 that came with the camera right now. So this lens purchase would be my first. I love taking photos out doors and want to be able to zoom in pretty close to things without scaring them away by getting to close! Any ideas??

  39. Hi everyone.

    I have a Nikon D40, for many years now, I LOVE IT. I take sports picture for my grandson’s baseball team, and the pictures are great, I have two lenses that I use, one is a Sigma DC 18-200 with OS (optical stabilizer)and the other one is also a Sigma DC 70-300 with Macro, wonderful lenses, I recomende them to anyon.

  40. I’ve moved up the DSLR lineup from the Nikon D40X to the D90 and finally the D7000. I’ve been using film SLR cameras since 1970 where I purchased my first SLR in Misawa, Japan, a Canon FTQL.

    I’ve been a Photoshop user since my intial purchase of version 4.0 many years ago. I now own CS% plus OnOne’s complete Perfect Photo Suite Pro set of plugins. I am no longer a pro but am an avid photographer in my retirement.

    I use a Nikkor 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6 VRII and Nikkor 50mm 1.4D lens.

  41. Ian
    I recently bought the Nikon D3000. It came with a couple of CD’s. One of which IS the full manual (about 200 pages) that you can load on your PC & print out…it’s very informative!

  42. for years I used either Canon or Olympus cameras.
    However I have just bought myself a NIKON D3100 AWESOME, it is so user freindly.
    My only complaint, and this is common to ALL cameras I have, is that the user manaul does not actually cover all of the features of the camera,
    Does anyone know of a FULL manual that I can download?

  43. Hi,

    I am a beginner of photography. I ‘m going to buy a DSLR camera. I hope to improve my photography quickly as professional level and I think even now I am capable of that. But my knowledge of cameras is still poor. My question is which nikon camera out of D 90, D300, D 5000 is best to get stunning photoes.

  44. i had bought a pentax k-x about 6 months ago and i love it i wanted the nikon d5000 but know i am glad i didnt because this camera offers so many more features that the d5000 and the canon xsi or the xs and other modules this was my first dslr and i have bought three lens so far wich one broke 🙁 anyway the pentax k-x has so many great features
    and look at my flicker to see the amazing quality it has
    please comment on what u thinck of my photos i am 13 and i love photography and ull see that pentax is a great product http://www.flickr.com/photos/49705390@N04/

  45. hi guys, i just bought the Canon EOS 60D, a upgrade from my trusty Canon A95 compact, and I have to say its awesome. 18mp of sheer quality. My pictures are crisp and the features on the 60D are mind blowing. I am still keeping my A95 compact as its awesome to but anyone looking for a up to date quality dSLR, then I personally recommend Canon 60D

  46. Are you referring to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1? If so, you could have gotten it for only $650 on Amazon. Looks like most people like it. It’s Panasonic’s run at getting into the Digital SLR game and I personally like the 4 3rds cameras for their smaller sizes.

  47. I want to buy a good SLR camera. I found a SLR camera: Panasomic Lumix DMCGHI/K, 14-140 for @999.99, as a mail order item coming from New York. Is this a good SLR camera? Am a wasting my money? Does snyone own this camera? How does it rate with SLR digital camera by Nilon or Canon?

  48. i slightly disagree on the MP size not mattering, as you take a photo without a telephoto lens you sometimes need to crop the photos, the MP kicks in and the larger the MP, the less pixelize u get after the crop (from personal experience)

  49. I have an EOS 1 and am thinking about getting an EOS 5. I found the EOS 1 to be a great camera but for somethings it feels too large, just a bit obtrusive. I’m hoping that the smaller EOS 5 will be a bit easier to handle and will work well as a back up body too.

  50. hi, im interested in taking photos.. i want buy a digital camera can anyone tell a good brand of digital camera? please help..

  51. Is canon or Nikon better? i am using a Nikon d3000 now and i am wondering should i change it for a canon eos 7d or a canon eos 500d..i need more suggestions

  52. also the k10d is weather proof with 72 gaskets in the body and with the new da* lenses a virtualy waterproof i have taken shots in the pooring rain with my k10d all sealed up no probs

  53. i have a hard time with the not mentioned pentax k10d or the k20d i use a k10d and get wonderful pro quality images with cheap old film style lenses and my anti shake is built into the body of the camera so it works with very old lenses it and dust removal off the ccd works great also the camera was designed around a film style camera do some research might not be the best consumer product but we should never forget it’s the photographer not the camera

  54. I’m used to seeing Nikon and Canon get the accolades. But I’m having a hard time seeing Olympus being mentioned without a similar shout-out to Pentax.

  55. I have been taking photo since I was 14-15 and I am 56 now. My dad was a Professional Photographer doing Portraits in peoples homes he retired in 1974. we had a Darkroom in our house. At that time B&W was used quite a lot. I still shoot B&W ever since I went back to school and getting an AA in Fine Arts.My first camera I brought was a used Nikon Ftn. AT one time I had a complete OM system an OM1, OM2, OM3 & OM4t, oh Also an OM10 for the kids.
    I started with Point and shoot pro-consumer camera Canon 7.1 MP G6 that was in 2004. it shot Jpg and Raw. I had a Nikon D40x it was a super camera to learn on, light, 10.3MP, It was a great beginner camera for me. I sold it to a Girl friend last year I am currently using a Nikon D90 as my backup camera and a D300s. with a 70-200mm F2.8 (~$750)Tamron Lens on the 300s and a 28-300mm F3.5-4.5 (~$620)on the D90. in a Nikon-Nikkor lens it would cost 25-35% more new less if used. I am investing in my Photo future.LOL!!


  56. Oh Buy the Way those Scott Kelby Books The Digital Photography Books Vol 1,2,& 3 are great, Also Get the Field Books on your camera. it gets to know your camera Inside and out. I do quite a bit of reading whild taking the bus to school.


  57. I got the Nikon D3000 in November. I love it!!!! My pictures are awesome. So crisp. I am a beginner with a slr and it is so easy. I got a package with an extra lens(55-200). I use it almost exclusively. All my family and friends are in awe of my pictures and I know it is this camera. I will never buy anything but a Nikon after this. It was well worth every penny!

  58. My wife & I started off with a Nikon D90 & finally got ourselves with another Nikon D90 simply because we loved the first one we have & be able to attend the classes here in Edmonton.

  59. I have same Nikon D40 6.1MP, It has very impressive results; I bought with standard package which comes along with NIKKOR 18-55mm lens – Also this camera crave me to go further and I’m wondering should I buy any upgraded version of lens or upgraded camera for studio / wedding kind of pictures etc.
    Also I have SB-400 flash light with soft light diffuser with these results are awesome….!

    Can anyone advise please which lens should I go with for above mentioned purpose with this camera?


  60. I have a Nikon D40 camera and I LOVE it. I’ve been taking pictures at friends weddings, ect and everyone prefers my pics over the “professionals” that they have hired. Luckily I have a good eye and the camera takes nice crisp clear pictures. I am doing my first wedding in August and have one booked for April.
    The camera has many helpful features. This camera only has 6.1 MP but is a very impressive camera.


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