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Create a Black and White Color Combination Photograph in Photoshop

Black & White with Color

You’ve seen this Black & White – Color effect just about everywhere. One of the reasons why is it doesn’t take much time to do in Photoshop and there are many effects you can learn to help edit your photos.

bw color layers

First, you’ll need an understanding of layers. Here you can see I duplicated the layer using the shortcut, “command J”, then using the channel mixer I turned the top layer black and white.

bw color pix PhotoshopIn this case I want to have the croissant be colored so I’ll just erase the top black and white layer where the croissant is. I used an eraser that was fairly soft in order to get it to look natural. If you’re looking for more of a flushed color look rather than black and white it’s simple to do! Just adjust the opacity of the top layer to your liking.

bw color ps

Photosohp Flushed Color

Comprehensive Guide to Color in Photoshop – Colorize a Black and White Photo



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