Clint Clemens

Clint Clemens

Photography is created in a moment and that moment oftentimes is well thought out and anticipated before it’s created. Clint Clemens has 35 years of experience as an advertising photographer and teaches that successful advertising photographs are imagined before they are created.

Clint creates a storyline or context for his products that are always wonderfully crafted. The images allow the viewer to be a participant rather than an observer as they are close up rather than telephoto.  They are involved in the experience rather than observing the experience.

Advancements in Digital technology have allowed Clint to further push his expressive environments by allowing him to make CGI or Computer Generated Imagery as shown on this page. With these tools, the potential truly becomes limited only to one’s imagination and talent.

Digital technology is now pushing the limits even further and Clint is riding the limits in his new project of creating Immersive 3D environments along with Martin Duerr and Samuel Clemens.

The Immersive Environments use a laser screening hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of points. Those points are then matched with pixels that vary depending on your perspective within the created environment.

Within these environments high definition still photos can be taken. The trick, Clemens says, is making these environments lightweight.

Photography will continue to advance with digital technology and along with it the environments where photography can be imagined.


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