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Digital Photography Composition Tip: Look around

I was totally concentrating and focusing on a bull elk with his small harem of cows. They had my total attention and I was getting some okay photographs. My wife, free to wander and gaze, noticed this bull elk which was slowly moving towards the group I was photographing then realized he would have to cross the Madison River. She mentioned this to me and I could see a classic silhouette set up.

As hard as it seems, sometimes it pays to break your attention to look around. Often there are other, better, photographs available.

What and Why

Digital Photography Composition Tip Elk

This photograph was taken by a Nikon D200 camera with a Nikon AF-S Nikkor 200-400mm 1:4G lens at 200mm. The image was cropped to place the subject in the right half of the frame so it appears there is room for the elk to walk into. I selected aperture priority mode with an f/5.6 stop to give a deeper depth of focus. I used the pattern exposure setting. With the light reflecting off the water, I set the exposure compensation at -1.0 to offset all that brightness. The camera was supported by Gitzo G-1410 tripod and a Really Right Stuff ball head.


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