(Last Updated On: June 16, 2019)


When it’s difficult to set exposures or check them to make adjustments, the bracketing feature permits a group of images, each with a different exposure. (Note: You’ll first have to set up the camera with the numbers of images to shoot as well as the steps between exposures.) The results are well worth the time and effort it takes to learn bracketing.

Exposure bracketing: The camera varies exposure compensation with each frame. Use this when there’s tricky lighting situation but you have to get it right. This is also the set up you’ll use when you’re shooting HDR (high dynamic range) sets.

Flash bracketing: The flash level is varied with each shot.

White balance bracketing: The camera creates multiple images each time the shutter is released.


  1. Bracketing is wonderful and really necessary with digital cameras which often have less latitude than did film, but that is a different story open for considerable debate. If you need to use a wide range of brackets, you should take care to fix the aperture and have the camera adjust the shutter speed. The will keep the depth of field constant for all the exposures.


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