Which Digital SLR Camera to buy

The debate can go on and on about which Digital SLR Camera is best, but Canon is king when it comes to the best Selling Digital SLR Cameras.

Best Selling Digital DSLR Cameras Nikon Camera

What to look for In your DSLR Camera

You are almost sure to find a Digital SLR within your Price Range these days with more than you could have ever imagined 5 years ago. Digital SLRs come with over 10 Mega Pixels standard, allowing you to create fine prints of at least 8X10. The Newest Digital SLRs should have self cleaning sensors and a wide variety of lenses. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Canon and Nikon always have the best selling Cameras- they always have the widest selection of the best lenses.


That’s right. When you’re looking for a Digital SLR you also want to get one that shoots video. Why? Because they can shoot incredible HD video with their massive sensors. You’ll notice that most of the best selling digital SLR’s now also shoot video.

Best Selling Digital DSLR Cameras Video

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  1. Hello
    Can you direct me to a current website or article that compares slr cameras?
    Thank you,

  2. Anyone have an opinion on the Nikon D7100? I’m new to DSLRs, and I plan on taking either the online courses or a class to learn the manual settings and how to use my camera. I need a camera that functions well in low light, concerts and for sporting events.

  3. I have a Nikon d7000 and just love it, its easy for a Amateur beginner and good for a pro.
    You can do time lapse and movies with it.

  4. I have a Samsung NX1000, is this classed as a slr? i really like the canon 600d but not sure whether im just wasting money due to haveing the nx1000. can anyone help?

  5. From film cameras of Pentax K1000 and the ME Super, Isteped into the Digital with a Fujima. That didnt do anything for me. Gave to my Brother In Law. I wanted the the interchaneable lenes. My 1st DSLR wa the Rebel 300, sold it and got the Canon 30D. Sold it after seeing Canon 7D. Love it. Lots of whistle and bells and use every one of them.

  6. Are all dslr cameras have interchangeable lenses? If not, how do you tell which are and which are not?

  7. I was wondering if the Nikon D40 10.2 camera is an older camera? Also wondering about the Canon EOS 20D 8.2 mp camera … I found these two camera at decent prices. I am a beginner and I am trying to choose a good DSLR camera.


  8. I have the Nikon Coolpix8700…it’s the original camera from Nikon on the CoolPix line and one of the relatively new SLR cameras..is it somewhat near the Canon line?

  9. I am interested in eventually starting a photography business. I have not purchased an SLR before, but both the Canon and Nikon have been suggested by multiple friends. People seem to be loyal to one over the other, but cannot tell my why (cannot compare the two). The cameras that I am trying to compare are the
    Nikon D3000
    Nikon D5000
    Canon T1i
    Canon T2i

    I want to know which is the best of the four options in terms of quality pictures (I am not concerned about price if the pictures are substantially better). I also find that there are times when companies will offer an “updated” camera that is still very similar to the one previous.

  10. This also means (full size sensor) that the focal length of the lens is comparable to the equivalent on a 35mm film camera. Whereas with an image sensor that is smaller the focal length of the lens increases. For example a slightly wide angle lens will act like a standard lens if the image sensor is smaller than full size.

    Worth considering if you want wide angle/fisheye type effects – the full size sensor will enable this more easily.

  11. Has anyone used the Panasonic Lumix DMC L1? It’s retro controls are appealing, but at almost double the price of the Canon Digital Rebel XSI 12.2 MP. Is it worth the price?

  12. Hi! This website is so helpful. I have always been a fan a photography, but just recently decided to spend a little money and purchase my first DSLR camera. My friend just purchased a Nikon and she says she wishes she would have stayed with her Canon Rebel. I am torn between the Nikon D5000 and the Canon T2i 18.0mp camera… I need a little advice. Thanks!

  13. Thanks a lot for your response and yes it is super cheap..will get me started so that I can practice while saving for a new camera! Thanks again for all your time

  14. I’d say it’s a good camera to start with if you can find it at a cheap price. 5 MP is a good enough size to print and the reviews say it’s got a good lens. I’d just keep in mind that it’s over 5 years old so if you’re not getting an awesome price for it, you can probably find another camera with more capabilities by paying just a little more.

  15. I have been learning so much in this website but have not been able to practice much later as I need another camera. Is the
    Sony CyberShot DCS-F717 Digital Camera 5 mega-pixel…a good camera to start with?? Someone is offering this camera on a very good price…thanks in advance for all your time!

  16. i just bought my first SLR camera- i bought a fujifilm s1700 it works amazing ! i love it i have it all figured out- i already have 2 places that asked me to be a photographer for outdoor events! and im 13 – i felt really amazed
    it doesnt have ajustable lenes but it has X15 optical zoom
    i love it !

  17. I’m looking at buying a new digital camera, leaning toward Pentax. I used to have a 35mm of pentax and loved it. I’ve been reading up on all the digitals and really like the Pentax, weights, lenses, and quality. What do you think?

  18. I just recently purchased the Nikon D3000 SLR kit for my daughter’s birthday. It came with an 18 -55mm lens, lens cap and soft carrying case all for under $500.

    The camera takes awesome pictures in the auto mode but does a great job if you wish to select a specific setting. The only aggravation for me was not being able reach pictures of my daughter while running her track meets. The easy fix for that was to upgrade the lens to the 55-200mm for $144. This camera is very affordable and has great potential to help my daughter progress in to photography.

  19. pls I’m a new in photography. I wish to know the best camera to start with, especially for medical photography.

  20. I have recently brought a Nikon D60. It is a wonderful camera and great for beginners. I have also tried the Nikon D3000 which is also a good camera. But if your on a bit of a tight budget then I’d recomend the D60. However, I have also brought a Tamron 70 – 300mm macro lense. It’s a big lense and as the D60 is a little on the small side, you need to keep a good hold on the lense as the camare is a bit of balance. If you were to use a tripod however, the extra weight on the camera is fine.

    Also, if you already have a D60 do not upgrade to the D3000 as they are basically the same. I’d recomend trading up for the D80 or D90.

  21. i m planning to buy a DSLR but m very confused whether to go in for canon 500D or nikon D3000.can u plz help me suggesting which will be a best buy for me.Thanks!

  22. I just ordered a nikon D3ooo, I’m looking for a new hobby so thought I’d try photography. I’m hoping that i will be happy with this camera that it will be easy to use and will help me capture some great pictures and hopefully make me want to further photography as a hobby.
    My old camera(only a couple yrs old) is just a point and shoot camera but it is so slow at capturing pictures that i always miss the best shots so I’m hoping this new one will be better. Would love to hear what others who own a nikon D3000 have to say about it, thanks!

  23. It will defiantly capture what you see and it looks pretty cool to. I like the vintage camera idea. Olympus PEN E-P1 looks to be a cool gadget with interchangeable lenses and dust removal- a lot of features that the Olympus DSLR’s have.

  24. Hello, I am new to photography. I love taking pictures and all. I’m looking for a camera that would capture what I see. I was looking at the new olympus PEN EL-1. Would it be a good buy?

  25. Hello.

    I recently bought a Canon Powershot SX20 IS to start learning photography. I read some reviews about it, and thought that it was a good buy. I am of course talking about as beginner user, but do you think this is one of those cameras that will withstand time?

  26. I recently purchased a Nikon D3000, I love it, it is easy to use, it helps you in picking the right setting for your photographs, if you are questioning what a certain setting is for, you just hold down the button with a ? and it gives you a brief description of it on the LCD screen. I have taken some very beautiful pictures with this camera! I think it’s a great starter camera for those just being introduced to photography, and will actually help you on your journey…

  27. Donna, The Cannon Powershot S5IS is a flexible camera with 8 megapixles and a 12x optical zoom. It may be “old” in today’s digital age but if it still works like new that’s a decent camera released only back in May of 2007. If you are looking to step up we just had a wedding photographer talk about what she keeps in her bag. Her article is called “what’s in the bag”

  28. I have purchased a Photo Booth company and do not have a clue about cameras. I was sent a Canon PowerShot S5IS. I would like to have a back up but have learned through research that this model is old. What would be the next step up from this camera to handle a photo booth?
    Thank you.

  29. I bought a Canon Rebel XTI .I am still in the learning stages because I owned a Canon Rebel 35 mm for years and was just get to use it better.I am very pleased with both my cameras and use them all the time

  30. I love my Kodak Easyshare and use it all the time. I think that I should have gotten a bit better of a model though, mine is already seeming to be darker in picture.

  31. I’m so loyal to Canon that I refuse to use anything else. In fact I still have an old Canon 1.3Mp P&S that still takes a respectable picture.

  32. Buying my first slr camera. I am a novice and overwhelmed with options.
    What is the best camera and options to begin.

  33. I have the canon D50 and love it this camera is great has auto settings and manual settings for some one starting out just spend
    the extra mony if you can and get it.


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