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10 Best Photography Blogs in 2020

The Ten Best Photography Blogs to Follow

When searching the internet, you can find thousands of online resources and publications that photographers use to hone their craft and skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, photography blogs are excellent sources of knowledge, where talented photographers provide the knowledge and resources to help.

Many online sources offer various material on learning new tips and tricks, discovering the latest gear recommendations, and more – but it can all be overwhelming. While there is an exhaustive list of amazing blogs, we went ahead and created a list of the ten best photography blogs designed to enhance your creative journey. So grab some coffee and enjoy!

Let’s begin with the basics. Before jumping into a specific field of photography, it helps to know some skills, such as composition, lighting, and aperture. Here are some blogs dedicated to honing the art of photography.

Best Photography Blog

1. Behind the Shutter

When readers explore “Behind the Shutter,” they can expect to find an immense catalogue of tutorials. Photographers of any level can find tutorials ranging from aperture setting, to something more creative and complex, such using color gels in portrait work. Readers can also expect to find information on new and affordable gear as well as tips on monetizing their craft. As a bonus, readers can enjoy opinion articles written by various photographers, who provide incredible insight into their careers and lives as photographers.

Photography Blog Creative Boom

2. Creative Boom

Not only does “Creative Boom” provide tutorials on technical photography skills, but it also offers career tips, the best gear to use, and books you can use to enhance your skills. In addition to this, this blog showcases various artists; publishing fascinating interviews and showcasing brilliant works. This blog combines education with inspiration, making it an excellent resource for beginning and advanced photographers alike.  

Photography Blog 5

3. Strobist

With “Learn How to Light” as its tagline, David Hobby guides readers on one of the most basic yet difficult skills in photography. Without appropriate lighting, even the most creative photos can send the wrong message.

In the “Strobist,” readers can expect to utilize their flash and other light sources to create mood, tone, and ambience in their work, without having to resort to fancy equipment or Photoshop. This blog teaches readers the best ways to control and manipulate light, to create works with stunning luminosity, color, and texture.

Best Photography Blogs

4. Phoblographer

This blog uses psychology along with photography. This provokes the reader to explore their creativity, through a series of reviews, tutorials, and articles published on the site. This site allows readers to explore other photographers’ work, read on the newest gear, and explore the world through new perspectives.

Now, here are some blogs that provoke inspiration through food, fashion, and photojournalism. These blogs are visually stunning and creative, with thought provoking stories that will keep readers busy for hours.

Best Photography Blogs

5. Lens

Technically speaking, “Lens” is not a blog, but a section of the New York Times. Regardless, this column provides unique insight, both on a historical and a global level. This blog is best suited for history and cultural junkies, while also providing incredible inspiration into the art and form of photography. 

Best Photography Blog 9

6. We Eat Together

For food photographers, bloggers, and foodies, “We Eat Together” is a blog dedicated to the art of food photography and eating. Skyler Burt, author and founder, educates his readers on the intricacies associated with food photography, ranging from composition to lighting, styling, marketing, and of course, delicious recipes to satisfy anyone’s appetite.  

Photography Blog 10

7. Reading the Pictures

For those interested in social, cultural, and political analysis of photojournalism, “Reading the Pictures” offers nuanced commentary on global issues. This blog focuses on the power that visuals, specifically photography, have on a global audience. Blog posts inform the readers of various events, recommending new perspectives to provoke critical thinking and analysis. While this is not a typical photography blog, it is interesting for photographers and readers alike.

Photography Blog 11

8. Fashion Photography Blog

Fashion photography is one of the most difficult fields to get into as a new photographer. Aptly named, the “Fashion Photography Blog” guides new photographers in the field through a series of tutorials, articles, and tips to better navigate the fashion industry. Readers can expect to find industry insider guides and information on the best organizations to join as a novice photographer.

Best Photography Blog 12

9. Olaf Photo Blog

Olaf Sztaba uses his blog to guide and teach street photography. By using his camera as a tool to create “visual poetry,” Olaf uses his skill and craft to teach photography with a purpose. Olaf writes extensive and intuitive articles, helping photographers overcome imposter syndrome and explore ideas that go beyond street photography.

Best Photography Blog

10. Fiona Kelly

Wedding photography can be demanding, confusing, and difficult – it can also be fulfilling and exhilarating. Fiona Kelly explores and recounts her experiences as a wedding photographer, helping new and seasoned photographers with their skillset to shoot the perfect group photo or capture the emotions during the speeches. Her precision and attention to detail serves as a guide for photographers who want to start their own wedding business.

And there you have it! Here is a list of the 10 best photography blogs in 2020. This list is by no means definitive, but it is a great introduction for new and experienced photographers who want to learn new tips, become inspired, and explore new ideas.

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