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How to Get Professional Looking Photography on an iPhone

iPhone Photography Tips and Tricks

We’ve all seen the commercials that proudly boast “Shot on an iPhone,” but who among us has been able to shoot images that good on their own iPhone? With these iPhone Photography Tips, you’ll be shooting DSLR-quality images before you know it!

Start with Some Basic Camera Settings:

1. Turn the Grid On

The Grid places a 3×3 grid on your phone screen so you can create the ideal composition for your photos. To turn the Grid on, go to your settings, select “Photos & Camera,” look for “Grid,” and toggle it on.

2. Turn off Autoflash

Even though newer iPhones have a pretty solid flash, the last thing you want is to ruin a perfectly good composition with a surprise flash. Just look for the lighting bolt on the camera screen and select “off”. It’s easy to turn on the flash or turn Autoflash back on with the same settings.

3. Enable Auto HDR

HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. Turning this setting on uses multiple exposures to give your camera more information on highlights and lowlights to automatically create a more dynamic photo.

4. Opt to Shoot in RAW

If you really want to shoot in RAW and you have OS 10 or later you can, but you’ll also need a third-party camera app installed to actually capture those images. iPhones do some pretty great work for quick shooting, so this is probably something worth experimenting with only if you can’t achieve what you’re looking to do with the built-in features.

shooting in raw on iphone

Take Advantage of Built-In Features

5. Select Your Shutter Button

If snapping pics by tapping the shutter button on the screen is causing problems with your photos, including a delay (the photo is taken when the screen button is released, not when it’s tapped), try an alternative. You can hold the phone more like a traditional camera and use the volume buttons to trigger the shutter.

If you have earbuds from Apple plugged into your phone, the volume button on those will also trigger the shutter. Apple watches and other peripherals can also be used as remote shutter triggers.

6. Tap to Focus & Lock Focus

If just tapping to focus isn’t working for you (sometimes the phone will refocus after you’ve chosen the subject), you can actually tap and hold to lock your focus and your exposure. Once focus is locked, you can adjust the exposure with a slider.

iPhone Focus Settings

7. Use Burst Mode for Action or Fast-Moving Targets

Press and hold the shutter button when photo mode is on and your iPhone will shoot in Burst Mode. In the Photos app, you can see the burst as a set of photos, making it easy to select your favorites and delete the rest.

8. Review Live Photos in the Photo App to Adjust the Default Image

Live photos make great bounce or loop videos because the phone records what happens 1.5 seconds before and after the photo. If you’re just looking for one key frame, you can find that by editing the photo. When you edit a Live photo, you’ll see a slider at the bottom — just move it to the frame you like and tap “Make Key Photo” and you’re done!

9. Try Portrait Mode

For Portrait Mode, which uses the twin-lens rear cameras, you’ll need at least an iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, or X. Portrait mode puts the subject in focus while giving you a blurred background (or bokeh). It also has lighting mode options to help you achieve your desired look.

Don’t forget to try adjusting some of these camera settings in the editing tool of the Photos app after you take photos, too!

If you may like to learn more from the experts, check out our review on some popular iPhone Photography Classes now!

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