(Last Updated On: October 2, 2018)

Underwater Photography

Preparation is key to being able to have a wonderful photo session while under the water. Not only do you need to make sure you are prepared but also that your camera is water ready. The worst thing to do is forget to be sure that your camera’s underwater housing is ready to go in the water without getting wet and waterlogged.

The best way to prepare your camera is to go under the water without having to be out in the ocean. Try taking your camera in a pool first to safely check the underwater housing for air-tightness without your camera in it. To test your settings you can take pictures indoors and get a good idea how your camera will work underwater. Just keep in mind that your focus will work much better above water. Other than that everything should work very similarly. Take plenty of practice shots so you are fully prepared to take on a real underwater expedition.

Be sure that you prepare yourself for your underwater adventures as well as your camera. You will need to be proficient in your diving skills so that when you go out to take pictures, you won’t be so consumed with thoughts of your diving. If you allow yourself to be distracted by air, bottom time, and less than perfect conditions you won’t be able to focus on the shots you are taking. Breathe and relax.

It is important to be prepared in all aspects of an underwater dive/photography session. You are combining both your diving skills and your photography skills and you need to be fully prepared to be the most effective at capturing beautiful underwater shots.  So when you are getting ready for your first underwater photography shoot, take the time to prepare without the stress of last minute surprises.


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