Rajib Mukherjee

Rajib is an avid travel photographer and an overall shutterbug. The first time he ever clicked an image was with an Agfa Click IV back in 1984. A medium format film camera. From that auspicious introduction to photography, he has remained hooked to this art form. He loves to test and review new photography gear. Rajib travels quite a lot, loves driving on Indian roads, playing fetch with his Labrador retriever, and loves photography. And yes, he still proudly owns that Agfa Click IV!

How to Use Split Toning In Lightroom (in 4 Easy Steps)

As a concept split toning has come into vogue in the modern era. Thanks to an overabundance of toning filters and whatnot on popular image sharing apps like Instagram....

Softbox vs Umbrella: Which Is Best and Why?

When it comes to light modifiers, both softboxes and umbrellas are equally popular. Though they are used for slightly different reasons, setting up and using them involves pretty much...

The Best Cameras for Landscape Photography in 2021

The legendary Ansel Adams had summarized landscape photography as - "the supreme test of the photographer; and often the supreme failure." I have not found a better one-liner that...
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