(Last Updated On: June 16, 2019)

Amazon Drive

If you’re tired of running out of room on your phone or desktop because of all the photos you’re storing, it may be time to move them to the cloud – especially if you’re an Amazon shopper.

Amazon just released its new deal – unlimited photo storage and automated backup with Cloud Drive. The service is free if you’re using an Amazon device (i.e. Fire phone, Fire tablets, and/or Fire TV) or if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

Amazon Drive

If you haven’t yet used the cloud, the main beauty of it is that you can access your photos from anywhere, no matter what device you’re using. That means you no longer have to store them on your phone or hard drive.

Cloud Drive’s browser interface is also easy to use. You can upload photos from any device via drag-and-drop and the app/desktop applications are free. What’s more, the Cloud Drive timeline layout even works with RAW files (although the preview may take a while to load).

Of course, there are other Cloud options out there, but if you’re already an Amazon shopper and/or are considering using one of their Fire devices, this looks like a great option.


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