(Last Updated On: December 19, 2019)

Flash Jagged EdgesAllow Smoothing ‘Allow Smoothing’ is off by default for the images that you use in Adobe Flash. That means those images will look jagged if they’re animated at all. It’s really simple to fix and I’m not sure why it’s not setup as default, but it’s just called Allow Smoothing. Have a look at our photo editing guide for more tips. 

Allow Smoothing is turned on by:

  1. Going to the library for your project.
  2. Right Clicking the image that you want to smooth.
  3. Selecting Properties.
  4. Check on “Allow Smoothing.”

As you can see in these gauges found at mygauges.com it makes a pretty big difference for little effort other than finding the secret, and this is just one of the little know secrets in Adobe Flash. Thanks to Adobe for making each project a new treasure hunt! 
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