Interview with Ainsley Duyvestyn – Smith | GBPW Episode 69

I couldn’t see myself just doing one genre or one type of thing constantly.

Ainsley Duyvestyn – Smith

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In this episode, I talk to empowerment and documentary photographer Ainsley Duyvestyn – Smith. Ainsley takes magnificent photographs of the world around her. She’s smart, articulate, and full of life.

We talk about:

  • Ainsley’s approach to travel photography
  • Her photography volunteer projects and how they’ve changed the way she looks at her work and her life
  • The beauty of empowerment photography

& much more!

I really enjoyed finding out about Ainsley’s diverse portfolio and her relationship with empowerment photography. I hope that her unique perspective on life inspires you to stay true to your values as a photographer.

Check out Ainsley’s work:

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  1. Thanks so much for having me on the podcast Taya! It was so fun to chat about photography with you 🙂 Keep up all your fantastic work!

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