AF area

AF-Area Mode

The AF-Area Mode is the area which the camera uses to automatically focus is determined by rotating the selector.

AF-Area Mode Options:

Single Point AF (Auto-Focus):

The camera focuses only on this single point. Use for relatively static compositions when the subject doesn’t move faster than you can follow through the viewfinder. You can manually move this point with the multi-selector button.

Dynamic Area AF:

Camera focuses on the subject in user selected area. If the subject moves out of this area, the camera will focus based on information from surrounding points. Use for moving subjects. User can choose how many points are to be used.

Auto-area AF:

Camera automatically detects the subject and focuses on it. Use whenever subject moves so quickly or erratically it’s hard to keep single or dynamic points on it (like flying birds or sports).

Autofocus, Area mode, and focus points


  1. The auto focus settings on my camera area only one shot AL focus and AL servo. I’m guessing that they go in the same order that you mentioned…and I take pictures of my brothers and sisters.. so I think that AL servo is the best auto focus for me most of the time.

    thanks 🙂

  2. My AF titles are “Wide” “Spot” and “Local”. How would they correspond to the titles you have?

  3. Sony cameras use wide, spot & local. Wide area is your default and the camera will select which of the sections in the wide area of your viewfinder will be focused on. Spot is just one area – the center area to focus. Local lets you select which of the 9 areas of the viewfinder you get to use in order to focus.

  4. Hi, my name is Linda. I’m new here. I love photography. Especially taking pictures of birds and squirrels. I just bought a new point & shoot Canon SX500 IS back in Febuary 2013. It has 30X optical zoom, plus digital zoom. However, I turned off the digital zoom due to pixalization (made the photos too grainy). It takes awesome pictures.


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