Advanced Photography Course

Welcome to our Advanced Photography Course! Here you will find our advanced photography classes. If you’re just getting back into photography, you may also be interested in our refresher course before venturing on to our more advanced lessons.

advanced photography course


Portrait Photography - outdoor family portrait

Portrait Photography

What is Portrait Photography? Portrait photography is often considered an art form that involves capturing facial expressions, personality, or mood of your subject or group using composition, lighting, and backgrounds. Portraiture is seen by some photographers as an artistic representation of a subject's attitude. Portraiture is by far the most common form...


Image and histogram:


Understanding Histograms One tool that any good digital photo editing software program would have is a histogram and a way to manipulate the histogram. Histograms on your digital camera or displayed on your computer shows the distribution of light in a photograph, the darks to the left and the highlights...


HDR Photography Course

HDR Photography Tutorial

HDR Photography Lately, there has been a spur in interest to make HDR images. Everywhere we look, Flickr, blogs and other social media channels, we see photographers posting the result of their experiments with this technique. It encourages us to create a few of ours. But how do we go...


Physics of Depth of Field

Physics of Depth of Field

Depth of Field Physics We were recently asked about the inner workings or physics behind depth of field, in other words, why does a smaller aperture create more depth of field whereas a large aperture results in a smaller depth of field. For those who aren't familiar with depth of field it's...


RAW vs JPEG image comparison


RAW and JPEG Files These are two distinctly different files types produced by your digital camera. RAW is a large, uncompressed flat file that contains all of the image data captured by the sensor before any post-processing is applied. RAW files require a 2-step process to generate an image file that...


Taking Advantage of Depth of Field

Taking Advantage of Depth of Field

What is Depth Of Field? The terms 'depth of field', 'bokeh', 'aperture', and 'f-stop' get thrown around a lot in the photography world. But what does it all mean, and how can you bring you photos to the next level by understanding a little more about this subject? Let's begin...


Sports Photography golfer taking a swing

Sports Photography

Learning Sports Photography You can learn more about photography and develop your skills faster by spending some time shooting sports events. Sports Photography is a very demanding form of photography with a lot of conditions out of your control. Your subject matter is constantly moving, usually in unpredictable ways, and...


Edit Photos in Adobe Lightroom

How to Edit Photos in Adobe Lightroom

Editing Photographs in Adobe Lightroom Editing your photos can be a daunting task for many photographers, especially after shooting a large event like a wedding or a concert. In my years of shooting and editing photos I have learned to love the editing process, thanks to Adobe Lightroom. It is...


Using White Balance

Photo Editing Workflow Tutorial

Photo Editing Workflow If you’ve been practicing photography for a while now, you’ve probably developed some system for post-processing your images. Of course, it’s always great to get the shot perfect in-camera, but since that doesn't always happen, having a straightforward, streamlined post-processing workflow can save both time and headaches. ...


Post Production Considerations

Post Production Considerations

Post Production Considerations An important part for a beginning photographer is to figure out your own workflow or what you are going to do with your pictures after you take them. A photographer's workflow is your personal routine for capturing, copying, and processing your photographs. The better detail and organization...