Wildlife Photos

The power, majesty and grace of wildlife has captured the attention of many photographers throughout the years. The key differences between a mediocre shot and a great shot is the focus and the use of Background.  The answer to making your wildlife photos great is easy enough.


Ask yourself where the main focus is in your photograph. If you are having trouble defining the focus of photo then take a step back and re-evaluate.  One of the easiest options is to focus in on the eyes. Their stunning eyes will pull in plenty of viewers to your picture. Take the time to know what shots you are looking for so you aren’t just clicking the button in attempts to get a great picture with only vague parameters. Even when you are catching your wildlife on the run or any other motion, having the eyes sharp and distinct will make your picture look great.


Wild HorseWhile focusing on the eyes and capturing amazing shots of these powerful creatures of the wild keep in mind how close you are to your subject.  By cropping out too much of the background you lose some of the story your animal is telling.  There is a fine line between too close and too far.

You don’t want to trap your animal within your picture, instead you want to have your viewer glimpse a small portion of the grand view you are seeing.  Don’t make your viewer uncomfortable with the closed off image of your up close wildlife shots.

At the same time you don’t want to have an image where your subject is so far way that all you see is the area surrounding your target.  By finding and maintaining a balance you can give a glimpse at wildlife that can stun and captivate its viewers.

Remember that the wild is a grand open space, so you don’t need to confine your animal to a frame with nowhere to run and play.


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