7 New Photography Classes from Udemy

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2019)

New Photography Classes on Udemy

Udemy Photography Classes

Today we’re looking at 7 new photography classes for both DSLR and mobile photographers on Udemy. Take a photography class and learn lenses, lighting, exposure, and aperture. Or, try a class on mobile photography. You can also learn how to work with lens filters, manage dynamic range, and paint with light. Udemy has photography classes for every skill level.


1. Mobile Photography for Beginners

Mobile photography for beginners

Architect and Photographer Esther Jacobs will teach you capture breathtaking photos with your mobile phone. In her new photography class, Beginner Mobile Photography, you will learn how to improve your Smartphone photography skills and get better images. You’ll learn how to understand your smartphone camera and settings. Lastly, you’ll gain the  knowledge you need on how to apply composition to your images.

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2. Professional Photography Class

Professional Photography Class

Photography, multimedia and web development teacher Maiky Jolling will show you how to capture amazing photos and work as a professional photographer. You’ll learn valuable techniques like; lenses, lighting, exposure, aperture, camera equipment and practical tips. This photography class includes creative exercises you can use to practice your new skills. Upon completion of the course you’ll understand how your camera works and how to make better photos in manual mode.

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3. Beyond the Basics (Photo II)

In his photography class, Beyond the Basics (Photo II), portrait photographer Paul Lynn will teach you how to work with lens filters, manage dynamic range, paint with light, and so much more. Paul will teach you artistic and technical types of photography, and how to start taking full advantage of your camera, optics and your speedlight.

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4. Foundations in Photography (Photo I)

Portrait photographer Paul Lynn will teach you the basics of photography in a community environment by completing multiple photography projects with peer review. This is a basic digital photography course and no prior photography knowledge or experience is required. You will learn aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and how do we control those settings and what they do.

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5. The Ultimate Guide to Digital Photography for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Photography for Beginners

In her photography class,The Ultimate Guide to Digital Photography for Beginners, private and corporate photographer, Megan Hartman, will give you an introduction to the world of photography. This is a 7-module course teaches digital photography basics to beginners.

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6. Stunning Phone Photography: DSLR like Professional Results

Stunning Phone Photography: DSLR like Professional Result

In this class you’ll learn how to create stunning photos using your smartphone and surrounding elements. You’ll learn how to take professional grade photos with tools on your phone, compose shots, and setup your smartphone camera to create images similar to a DSLR camera.

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7. Diving Deeper into Photography- Advanced Digital Photography

Diving Deeper into Photography- Advanced Digital Photography

Professional photographer Megan Hartman takes a deeper look into the world of photography covering topics such as; lighting, portrait photography, wedding photography, and more. This photography class is geared towards Intermediate to Advanced Photographers looking to increase expand their knowledge of shooting indoors, outdoors, taking photojournalistic images and other  topics such as newborns, pets, and kids.

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