(Last Updated On: October 2, 2018)

Photoshop Shortcuts

Out of the box, Photoshop is photo editing software that’s incredibly powerful yet not very intuitive. Photoshop has a variety of shortcuts that can help you get your work done faster. There are really Photoshop shortcuts for just about everything you could image, but we’ll cover the ones that you could use the most.

Photoshop Navigation Shortcuts

The first Photoshop shortcut secrets that everyone should know is how to navigate their photo canvas using Photoshop shortcuts. Command plus the equals button (Command & =) allows you to zoom in and then Command and minus (Command & -) lets you zoom out. After you get those two shortcuts down, all you need now is to know you can hold down your space bar and your cursor becomes a hand. This allows you to click and move the canvas around in your Photoshop window. All of the sudden you can navigate your photographs in Photoshop just as well as on your iphone. Now that you can easily navigate your document you can also use command + r to add rulers, allowing you to have perspective on where you’re navigating.

Top 10 Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Photoshop Duplicate Shortcut

After navigating the document, the most frequent thing I do is duplicate layers in a document. To do that you just have to be on the layer you want to duplicate and then you hold down option and drag the new object to where you want it to be, it’s that easy to duplicate layers!

Popular Photoshop Shortcuts


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