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10 Free Video Photography Courses

Free Photography Courses

If you want to learn photography online for free, we have the answer. We just complied a list of 10 online video photography courses you can take right now absolutely FREE on Udemy! Some of these courses are offered by internationally renowned photographer whose images have appeared in Time Magazine, National Geographic, on the Discovery Channel, and in Times Square.

You can take these courses on Udemy (the largest provider of on-demand online video courses from real-world experts). Download the Udemy app and watch your Free Video Photography Courses on your iPhone, iPad or Android.

1. FREE Photography Course for Beginners! by Chris Bray

FREE Photography Course for beginners

Chris Bray is a professional photographer, author, and adventurer in Australia. He grew up sailing around the world.

His work has appeared on the Discovery Channel, and in Time Magazine, National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, and Australian Geographic.

2. Your Road to Better Photography by Corey Reese

Your Road to Better Photography

Corey Reese is a highly sought-after professional photographer, cinematographer, educator in Atlanta, GA. He describes his photographic style as raw, real, and authentic (and we agree). His work is nothing short of phenomenal and his photos have appeared on billboards in Times Square, in print ads for BMW.

3. Learn Landscape Photography by Ray Salisbury

Learn Landscape Photography

Ray Salisbury has been a landscape photographer for 40 years. He is also a graphic artist with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, a videographer, and a video editor in New Zealand.

Ray sells his images to magazines and image stock libraries.

4. Using a Photographic Light Meter by Don Giannatti

Using a Photographic Light Meter

Don Giannatti has been a commercial photographer for over 40 years and feels lighting is the most important element of the image making process. He has shot beauty, travel, fashion, and products, though his preference is photographing people and still life. He has written three photography books on lighting.


5. Photography: Ditch Auto – Start Shooting in Manual by Jerad Hill

Photography: Ditch Auto - Start Shooting in Manual

Jerad Hill is a talented wedding and event photography and videographer in Modesto, CA. In addition to photography, Jerad is also a website designer.

He taught himself photography in 2005 and started his wedding photography business.

6. 10 Top Tips – Be More Creative with Your Camera by Kevin Landwer-Johan

Photography: 10 Top Tips - Be More Creative with Your Camera

Kevin Landwer-Johan New Zealand professional photographer and film maker based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He has shot for newspapers and did commercial photography.

Kevin also sells stock photos and videos. He loves teaching his passion to all levels of photographers.

7. Portrait Photography with Simple Gear by Don Giannatti

Portrait Photography with Simple Gear

This is the second free photography video course offered by Don Giannatti.

This course is for beginning and intermediate photographers that want to improve the quality of their portraits using natural light, enhanced natural light, and simple lighting gear.

8. Natural Light Fashion / Beauty Photography by  Don Giannatti

Natural Light Fashion / Beauty Photography

This is the third free photography video course offered by Don Giannatti. In this course you will learn modern methods used in natural light photography.

Don teaches natural lighting techniques in Fashion and Beauty photography using natural light.

9. Green Screen Photography by Dave Cross

Green Screen Photography

Dave Cross is an Adobe Certified Instructor and a Certified Technical Trainer based in Tampa, FL.

He has trained photographers and creatives on Adobe products for 25 years. In 2009 Dave was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame.

10. A Guide to Accessories for DSLR’s by Michael Andrew

A Guide to Accessories for DSLRs

Michael the Maven (Michael Andrew) is a professional portrait and wedding photographer, and photography instructor specializing in photography instruction for beginners. Michael’s YouTube channel, Michael The Mentor, has over 150,000 subscribers. Michael has produced over 35 instructional DVDs on photography.

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