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The Best Free Lightroom Presets List

Are you looking for various easy but creative ways to give an artistic feel to your photo? Read more about Adobe Lightroom Presets, how to install and use them, and what are the benefits of applying them for professional color correction.

What Are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom presets are pre-determined settings of photo adjustments which help correct brightness, color balance, exposure as well as set contrast and opacity of the image and perform photo stylization in several clicks. You can find them in the Lightroom Develop module.

Download Free Lightroom Presets

All LR presets are designed to give photos a professional look even if these pictures are taken in poor light. It has never been so easy to perform image editing and color correction.

10 Free Lightroom Presets for Beginning Photographers

Test and download the following 10 Best Free Lightroom Presets for your portrait, wedding, travel, couple, and street photography. Please note, that all Lightroom presets work better on RAW photos rather than on JPEG.

Lr Preset 1 – Summer Madness

Summer Madness Lightroom Preset

This is one of the best free Lightroom presets from this bundle that allows adjusting the vibrancy and saturation in order to receive gentle results. It works great on wedding photographs giving them a warm and dramatic look.

While applying this filter, the photos will definitely stand out among others due to the slight sunshine effect. Although it makes the colors deeper and puts emphasis on the shadows. This Lightroom preset also creates a basic shade of the picture in cool tones. Highly recommended for wedding, holiday or outdoor pictures.

Lr Preset 2 – Modern Films

Modern Films Lightroom Preset

Among free Lightroom presets for portraits, photographers give preference to Modern Films and Moody Presets. This classic LR filter gives warmth to the image evoking nostalgic feelings.

Your photos will look as if they were taken by an old film camera. This filter adds a slightly cool color so it is better not to apply the preset to the bright images or photos taken in wcloudy weather.

Lr Preset 3 – Popular Film Essentials

Best Lightroom Preset

This kind of Lightroom presets gives a dramatic and vibrant effect. It is ideal for outdoor and portrait photography.

In addition, these presets will enhance images washed by the sun. Look good on female portraits with flowers.

Lr Preset 4 – Dark Contrast

Best Free Lightroom Preset

Use this free Lightroom preset if you need to make your portrait brighter without ruining the composition.

Highly recommended for too dark photos on the plain background if you want to emphasize your subject’s emotions. Slightly smoothens and enhance the skin tone and texture.

Lr Preset 5 – Fashion Vintage

Best Free Lightroom Preset

Give your images that stunning antique look. This filter works well with portrait and wedding photographs making every shot mysterious. Add those frames and light leaks in several clicks. Wash out the colors and add some grain to receive that authentic aged look.

This free vintage Lightroom presets will give your photos an old vintage look as if it was taken on film and has aged. Looks good on photos with many shadows.

Lr Preset 6 – Cold Beauty

Best Free Lightroom Preset

Cold Beauty is the best free Lightroom presets if you want to make professional white balance correction. Make colors vivid and realistically bright.

This free Lightroom preset is the best way to cool down the temperature in your poor lighted photos and give them a calming blue tone.

It is a universal preset and is good for most subjects but is highly recommended for nature and outdoor portrait photos.

Lr Preset 7 – Nostalgic

Best Free Lightroom Preset

Sepia free Lightroom presets are designed to give your images an old-style retro look and feel. It is usually used on wedding and portrait photos. Make your photos look older just in several clicks.

You may apply these free Lightroom presets on a range of various subjects and light settings.

Lr Preset 8 – Process of Alternative Films

Best Free Lightroom Preset

It is perfect for highly stylized photos. After applying this effect, the images will look like screenshots from well-known Hollywood movies. The tones become warmer so the picture appears more saturated.

Looks particularly good on the photos taken at the Golden Hour. Brighten and enhance the orange and teal hues in your images fast and naturally. This free Lightroom presets is the easiest way of changing the mood and tone of your photography to create a cinematic look.

Lr Preset 9 – Slide Films

Free Lightroom Preset

Download this free portrait Lightroom preset and add some drama to your images. Quick white balance correction and brightening.

Just in several clicks you are able to simulate the look and feel of portraits taken on the old film camera body.

Lr Preset 10 – Soft Look

Soft Look is one of the most popular free Lightroom presets for portraits which is designed to improve colors easily and quickly. This effect is also called Light & Airy.

The Soft Look helps fix an uneven skin tone making it more natural. Also, it brightens the teeth and whites of the eyes as well as removes unwanted shadows.

How to Install Lightroom Presets in 3 Clicks?

Adobe Lightroom is a highly demanded photo editing software among both professionals, beginning photographers and photo retouchers. This program features a vast number of different fine-tuning effects for high-quality photo enhancement.

Here is a universal and easy-to-understand guide on how to install Lightroom presets in several steps.

Step 1 Open a zip file.

Step 2 The next step is saving the folder with free presets for Lightroom.

Step 3 It is convenient to use the shortcuts Command + C (for Mac) or CTRL + C (for Windows) to copy the whole folder with Lightroom filters. Check whether you did not copy any PDF files or available Brush folders.

Step 4 Run Lightroom and proceed to Rich Menu Bar to do the following:

For Mac users it is necessary to select Lightroom > Preferences.
For Windows users it is necessary to select Edit > Preferences.

Step 5 When the Preferences box appears, make sure that the Presets tab is opened. After that, it is necessary to select the Show Lightroom Presets folder. ‘Store all presets with certain catalog’ must be disabled. Now you will be successfully forwarded to a special folder called Lightroom. Click it and find Develop Presets folder.

Step 6 To install Lightroom presets, paste the folder with the presets to the Develop Presets. It is easier to do using the shortcuts Command + V (for Mac), CTRL + V (for Windows)

Step 7 The last step is restarting the program. Now the presets are added to the Develop module where you can find them.

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