Written by: Diane Davis

straight pose
Here’s four quick posing tips for men:

  • Keep them square to the camera. Men look better with broad shoulders.
  • Have him make a fist with his hand and put his thumbs in his pocket or have him cross his arms with his hands on his forearms and thumbs tucked under the arm (think Aladdin).
  • Keep their weight evenly distributed on both legs.
  • Remember to have him drop his chin a bit.

male pose hands in pocket pose
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4 Responses to “Posing Tips For Men”

  1. Thats cool got it

  2. So true! Hand hints were helpful :)

  3. I did not understand the “fist” thing, but the “chin drop” really helped!
    Thanks for the tips!

  4. I think the fists help give the illusion of bigger arms. All men love to look and feel tough and giving that illusion in the final product will make him feel ten foot tall and bullet proof. :-)

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