A bit more on how we see compositions in photographs…

composition landscape of canyon in Arizona

We tend to equate horizontal scenes with quiet and tranquility….


composition Eiffel Tower with lens flare

and vertical photograph compositions suggest power and majesty.










We always … automatically look at people’s eyes first.

composition red canoes floating peacufully on lake

Or we will look to that part of the scene that stands out – contrasts – with the rest of the image.

So keep these factors in mind … there will be times when you need to draw on them to turn a rather straight-forward image into one that stands out…….


composition fashionable girl with glasses and tattoos


You will see more examples of composition among the other lessons, so let’s head back to the main page for MORE.



  1. These details on composition have really helped me learn more on photography.
    this is exactly what I am looking for on here…i found everything I needed


  2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.I was just too confused with my camera.Only after going through your course I am a bit confident.Thanks again.


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