Flower Icon is for Macro

Most every point and shoot camera now comes equipped with a macro button. It looks like a little flower. So how do you know if you have turned it on? You either will be able to see the same little flower symbol on the view-screen or the dial will be pointing to the flower, depending on the type of point and shoot camera you own.

With your point and shoot camera, the macro button is kind of like the flash button, you don’t have to detach a lens or anything. Instead, the macro lens is built straight into your camera. While this means you can shoot close ups with your point and shoot, it doesn’t mean you can get as close as you would be able to with a dSLR camera using a macro lens.

However, once you turn your dial to point to the flower symbol or press the button to activate the macro setting, you can go ahead with your close ups. Keep in mind that the rules of Macro photography apply just as much to point and shoot cameras as they do to dSLRs. To learn more visit “Basic Rules for Shooting Macro Photography”.


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