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learn photographyLearn Photography Online with photography courses created by professional photographers. Our courses were designed for all skills levels. Whether you're new to photography or if you're an old pro that has been taking pictures for years, our courses will help you become a better photographer. Each course contains individual lessons that are easy-to-understand and packed solid with useful information.

Photography for Beginners
Our Photography for Beginners course was created to be a quick and easy for beginners to learn photography – even those that feel they are beyond help of being able to understand their camera. In our first lesson on Light and the Human Eye, we provide an introduction into light, how your eye converts light rays into electrical impulses lighting. Learn how to capture what your eye sees to produce better pictures. This lesson will also help you understand your camera and how to take pictures with it.

Intermediate Photography
Here you will find our Intermediate photography course covering topics such as; composition, focal length and perspective, low light, night, and flash photography. If you’re just getting back into taking pics and you want to learn photography, you may also be interested in our refresher course before venturing on to these lessons or our more advanced lessons.

Advanced Photography
Here you will find our advanced photography classes covering Auto Exposure Bracketing, AF-Area Modes, Portrait Lighting Techniques, Sports Photography, Back Button Autofocus (BBF) and more. If you’re just getting back into photography, you may also be interested in our refresher course before venturing on to our more advanced lessons.

Photo Editing
Editing photos has become so commonplace that even newer smartphones have photo editing features built in. Editing your photographs or finishing your photographs has become an essential part of photography. Digital is not only about capturing, but also creating. Photoshop has become the “go to” application in Photo Editing Software. Accordingly, Photography Course‘s Digital Photo Editing tutorials will focus on Photoshop and use it in our examples.

Photo Composition
Composition is a key aspect of nearly all works of art. Composition is the placement of an object or subject in a work of art (such as a photograph). How and where you frame your photograph involves composing the photo. There are various rules, techniques, tips, and tricks to help you compose your photographs. This Photo Composition course will teach you how to compose your photos using sufficient details and balance to make your photos pop!

Camera Settings
Modern digital SLR camera have a vast selection of camera settings, controls, menus, and custom options designed to help you get the perfect shot. Settings range from fully automatic for beginners, to manual for experienced photographers. This course will walk you through some of the most popular camera settings so you're able to harness your cameras full potential.