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You have a good eye and you are seeing good pictures but they just aren’t coming out, on paper, the way you wanted or the way you saw it.


Because your eyes constantly make everything APPEAR normal you now need to learn how the film and lenses record light, scenes, and color. Then, once you have that well ingrained and almost second nature, you need to learn how those different things render on film and print. Few of us realize how powerful the mind is in blocking out what we don’t want to see AND how well we automatically can correct bad lighting without even realizing it.

Until we learn those important lessons, we will not have the knowledge or skills to MAKE photographs the way WE want them.

You can spend a small fortune on courses that will get to the fun part right
away. Courses that give you assignments to take photos you aren’t interested in and overwhelm you with a lot of hi-tech phrases. They’ll teach you how to talk the talk. HOWEVER, until you learn the basics your castle will be built on sand.

We have created a course that is simple and quick. It is designed to be easy-to-understand yet full of solid information. It will provide the basics YOU MUST learn, and then allow you to go off to any specific subject you have any interest in. Each of these “special” subjects will add more to the basics, offer photographs and other visual aids to illustrate the point, and pass on tips and tricks to help you.

Let’s start Learning Photography

A few tips that will immediately improve your digital photography:

  1. Read the directions!!!!
  2. Have Memory Cards to take Lots of Shots.
  3. Photograph what you love to Photograph.
  4. Start Basic – Focus on Composition
  5. Learn Photography – Practice
  6. Repeat all steps until you’re a Professional Photographer.

A few tips that will immediately improve your film shooting:

  1. Read the directions!!!!!
  2. Stick with one film (and film) speed until you thoroughly understand how it works …. at least for the first 5 or 6 rolls.
  3. Stick with one good processor …. forever.
  4. Take notes on the first 5 or 6 rolls …. when you make mistakes you’ll immediately be able to troubleshoot your mistakes.

Now lets begin. Lesson 1, a simple lesson on light. You may go on to the advanced photo lessons if you feel you already have a good background in photography.

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