Know Your Camera

Get to know your Camera

Digital cameras are truly astonishing tools! It is remarkable, the photographic challenges they digitally solve in an instant to capture beautiful images. To use your camera to its full capability you’ve got to be familiar with its functions. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to read (then re-read- repeat many times) the manual! These articles are intended to replace the technical aspects of a user’s manual. Each article contains at least one sentence as to when to use that particular function.

Nothing will teach you to “Know Your Camera” as well as simply taking photographs then critically analyzing them yourself. When you find an area where you can improve, research your camera’s functions to find out which one will solve that problem. Experience only makes you better!

Get to know your Digital Camera


  1. Hi i have a fujifilm finepix s lens 15x camera i want some help in getting some gd pictures from my camera im in a program that i can start selling my photos but every time i take them and ask for advice thay say there not good enough so i would like some help in getting started and get as gd as everyone else thanks bryan and jo