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Lesson 12: Flash PhotographyIntermediate Photography Course

Welcome to our Intermediate Photography course! Here you will find our Intermediate online photography courses. If you’re just getting back into photography, you may also be interested in our refresher course before venturing on to these lessons or our more advanced lessons.

Lesson 9: Composition (Fundamentals)

There are a few basic rules of composition that you need to be aware of and practice, here we cover the essential building blocks of composition.

Lesson 10: Composition (Advanced Intermediate)

It's fascinating to learn how the human eye processes light!

Lesson 11: Shooting A Sunset

One of our favorite photographs to take, sunset pictures require critical technical skills and great timing.

Lesson 12: Flash Photography

When and how to use flash units.

Photography Skills

More On Composition
Shooting a Sunset
Camera Repair
See Better

Camera Helps

Using a Flash
Film Types

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