Bestselling Point & Shoot Digital Cameras

Point & Shoot Digital Cameras

Which Point and Shoot Digital Camera to Buy?

Buying a Point and Shoot Digital Camera has become fairly easy. They are all compact enough to take with you anywhere and some are even strong enough to go just about anywhere. The Olympus digital cameras, for example, have a shock proof and water proof case- so the occasional drop or more than occasional drop is nothing to worry about. Plus, you can take it with you swimming or to any event without the fear of losing your camera.

Point and Shoot Optical Zooms

Digital Camera Zoom

For a long time Point and Shoot digital cameras suffered when it came to optical zoom strength. Now Digital Point and Shoot camera consumers should not have to settle for anything less than a 5x optical zoom. Panasonic cameras offer a hefty 12x optical zoom on most of their Point and Shoot Digital Cameras.

Customizable Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

The Digital Camera Consumer of the day hopes to find a camera that expresses who they are and can be customized to do so. Digital camera manufacturers have come out with a rainbow of color options for each camera ensuring that a sale won’t be lost because it doesn’t come in your favorite color.
Point and Shoot Digital Camera

Which Digital Point and Shoot Camera Brand to Choose?

Canon and Nikon have long ruled the camera business. Olympus and Panasonic are adding features that help draw consumers to their products. A host of other manufacturers try to offer products at a cost so low that they drag away some consumers although their product quality suffers. In choosing which camera to buy it really just comes down to what matters most. For Quality, choose a Canon or Nikon. For durability, choose an Olympus. For a lower cost camera with large zoom, choose a Panasonic.


  1. I’m looking at a Fuji HS10 bridge camera, 10mp, 30x optical zoom – you did not mention Fuji’s. I have 2 Fuji’s currently and this one would be an upgrade (current is a small snapshot camera and the other is a 10mp 12x optical zoom bridge S1000 Finepix with less features than the HS10. What do you think about this Fuji HS10?

  2. I am so glad I found this site!! Thank you for providing all this information for free so I can spend the money on the actual camera rather than all the course! You are the best:)